Star Trek Blu-ray Digital Download Codes All Used Up?

Nero, the Romulan villain who was driven mad by lens flares in the latest Star Trek movie, found a way to travel forward in time and use up a bunch of authorization codes included in special edition Blu-ray sets. For now, until Paramount’s support staff get back from the holidays, all you can do with that third disc is flash light into the eyes of people around you and call yourself J. J. Abrams.

Andrew writes:

So I received Star Trek on Blu-ray for the holidays. It was the target exclusive 3 disc edition with the 3rd disc holding the “digital copy” which can be transferred to your computer and mobile devices(ipod/iphone etc.).

I pop open the disc and insert it and open iTunes. I find the pack in insert with the redeem code for authorizing my digital copy through iTunes and then iTunes tells me that the code has already been used and can not be used again. I’ve done the digital copy process(on other movies) many times and have never received that error.

So I start looking for a solution and head over to the apple iTunes discussion board and make the following thread:

And apparently this indeed a large issue with many people. This looks like a breakdown on paramount’s security. I wrote to them on their support site but haven’t received a reply back(holidays of course).

If the same thing has happened to you, contact Paramount and ask for a replacement code. In the thread referenced above, a person speaking on behalf of the studio wrote:

We are still investigating this issue, but I can assure everyone that if they contact support via the website at, they will receive a new code for their digital copy of Star Trek for iTunes or Windows Media. However our support team has been very backed up because of the holidays so if you don’t get a reply right away, don’t panic. We will get to you.

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