Shrink Ray Renders Mini Coke Cans Even More Mini

Sure, you can call Coke’s new 7.5-ounce mini can an exciting new marketing ploy, giving customers a nice, even, guilt-free 90-calorie gulp of soda. But reader Josh sees the change for what it is: a fancied-up version of the Grocery Shrink Ray. And not even his wife can convince him to buy them anymore.

My wife sent me to Walmart last night to pick up several things, one of which was an 8 pack of the 8oz cans of Diet Coke. Now, being a good Consumerist, I’ve known for some time that these mini cans are the absolute worst deal you could possibly get, even at Walmart. Hardly ever on sale, an 8 pack (64oz for those mathematically inclined) of these will set you back around $3.50, while a 12 pack of 12oz cans (144oz) usually run between $3.50 and $4. So, already you can tell that this is a horrible deal. I’ve explained this time and again to my wife but she fails to see the big picture and notes that they’re “just enough to satisfy my craving for Diet Coke without making me commit to an entire cup and a half of the stuff that she will never finish and end up wasting”.

So, I made my way to Walmart and grabbed the other items before making my way to the beverage aisle. When I got to where the cans should be, I didn’t find what I was looking for. Traditionally the cans were in a cardboard holder and looked like a smaller version of a 12-pack. What I did find were cans held together by the dolphin-unfriendly plastic rings. Also amiss, the cans were no longer short and squat. Instead they resembled a “Mini Me” tall can of beer or those weird 6oz cans of orange juice you sometimes find in rest area vending machines. Upon closer inspection, I saw that the volume of each can had not only become taller and thinner, but also .5 oz less. That’s right. These cans are now 7.5oz instead of 8oz. Holy cow, Coke has been hit by the Grocery Shrink Ray.


But surely they can’t be charging the same for this obviously less-than-normal amount? Oh yes they are. Not only are they charging the same price, they didn’t even bother to change out the aisle tag. It still shows the old 8oz cans listed and total volume of 64oz. The UPC codes are the same, so all the stockers had to do was put the new product in the same place and everything scanned as normal. I did manage to find an old 8-pack in the section (the last one, I might add) and took a comparison shot, along with a picture of a regular Coke can up close and the aisle tag (I couldn’t find one for the Diet Coke so the regular Coke tag will have to suffice). This will be the last time I let my wife manipulate me into buying these. There is now the same amount in these 8 cans as there are in 5 – 12oz cans…which, at this particular time, were on special 2/$5 for 12-packs. (I apologize for the blurriness…taken with an iPhone 3G).

So, financially speaking, one actually is actually better off drinking 2/3 of a 12-ounce can of Coke and throwing the rest away. God bless America!

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  1. Megalomania says:

    Aren’t there zero calories in Diet Coke? Why would you be concerned about drinking 4 ounces more of what is essentially colored water?

  2. blogger X says:

    Hey, its just less of the death chemical (HFCS) you’ll be drinking!

    • pecan 3.14159265 says:

      I don’t think there is any HFCS in Diet Coke, since that would still contain calories. Diet Coke is sweetened by other artificial sweeteners.

    • Veeber says:

      But it’s Diet Coke. No HFCS anyway, unless someone is making a zero calorie HFCS

  3. lehrdude says:

    God help any restaurant that tries to serve me up one of these for $2…

    • failurate says:

      They usually come with a shot of rum.

    • NeverLetMeDown says:

      If you’re going to restaurants that only charge $2 for a soda, you really need to start going to better restaurants.

      • MyTQuinn says:

        If you’re going to restaurants that charge more than $2 for a soda, you need to stop going to restaurants that overcharge for their food.

    • lincolnparadox says:

      I can’t bring myself to pay $2 for 17-cents of fountain soda. If it doesn’t have vodka in t for the price, I’m not ordering it.

  4. sir_pantsalot says:

    Gd Blss y Jsh. Kp fghtng th gd fght. wll kp dng m prt nd y kp dng yrs bt gttng th fml gndr t rcgnz lgc, rsnng nd mth s n phll bttl.

    • pecan 3.14159265 says:

      Playing the gender smackdown card, are we? Let it begin.

    • Parsnip says:

      And to think, I was just sitting here saying to myself “I’d love to have a little bit of good old fashioned sexism with my morning coffee today!” And look! Here it is! Thanks a bunch!

    • enabler says:

      You’re hanging around with the wrong women. Of course, the smart ones probably flee at the first sign of such condescension.

    • P=mv says:

      And what about all us women trying vainly to convince our husbands of the exact same thing? Getting men to recognize logic, reasoning and math is a hopeless uphill battle.

    • brandihendrix says:

      Wow. Perhaps some woman should help you recognize class, couth, and avoiding obvious misogynistic and sexist statements.

      Even if this was meant as a joke it is NOT funny.

      Some men are impractical and some woman are impractical. Stop generalizing all females.

    • pop top says:

      Thank God there are men around to teach us silly women about math. I mean, how would we know how to bake our husband pies if we didn’t know fractions or conversions? If we couldn’t follow rational dialogues, then we wouldn’t know that being barefoot and chained to the stove is for our own good. It’s so nice to know that there are still misogynistic pieces of shit out there that are willing to be ignorant assholes solely for our benefit.

  5. flyingember says:

    The thing companies like Coke forget is that their product is optional.

  6. GuyGuidoEyesSteveDaveâ„¢ says:

    Are these tall and thin like Red Bull/Amp/etc… cans? Are they just trying to appeal to the hipster crowd who only drink things in unusual packages like PBR in cans?

  7. Blueskylaw says:

    Is 7.5 ounces the new “Fun Size” can?

    What I don’t see on the new package is the statement saying:
    6.25% less than our regular 8 ounce can

    • lehrdude says:

      …or “Helps Fight Swine Flu”

    • Blueskylaw says:

      The problem I see here is people buying cans instead of 2 liter bottles. I know the argument about flat soda and everything but considering that you can buy the name brand soda bottle for 2-3 times less than the cans and pour just as much as you need to quench your thirst, which for Josh’s wife seems to be exactly 7.5 ounces.

      Unless you’re on the road, a 2 liter bottle is the way to go, not only for the cost but because you only have to pay a nickel in deposits rather than 40 cents for the cans.

      • stuckinms says:

        That’s if you have to pay deposits. Most states don’t do that. But some of those awesome states, like, let’s say Mississippi, don’t even have a recycling program…which ends up motivating me to buy the 2 Liter just so that we don’t have to throw all that aluminum in the garbage.

      • catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

        i choose cans over two liter bottles because i drink maybe 1 soda a week. i keep one or two in the fridge and the rest on a shelf. not wasting fridge space, not wasting energy keeping a big bottle partially filled with air at ice cold temps.
        i’d never drink a two liter before it got not only flat but also super nasty. i’ve had one that i didn’t drink quickly develop mold on the surface of the soda before from not being used up quickly. that’s the last 2 liter i bought aside from party supplies.

        • Blueskylaw says:

          Congratulations on being one of the people that don’t drink a lot of soda. Obviously the comment was aimed at those that drink a few cans worth a day. I happen to drink roughly 4-5 cans worth of diet soda a day. It’s my way of satisfying my sweet tooth without the calories.

  8. vesper says:

    So his wife says, ““just enough to satisfy my craving for Diet Coke without making me commit to an entire cup and a half of the stuff that she will never finish and end up wasting”. They are both correct but they’re looking at different needs. Price is not the only objective in purchasing items and he needs (IMO) to look at the other picture; she doesn’t want more than she wants to drink; the price is irrelevant. That is a subjective POV and has no intrinsic value except to amount of soda and the individual making the decision to drink less. I did something similar just yesterday at my local BK. I wanted a cheeseburger but no fries or a drink because I only wanted something to tie me over until dinner. The cheeseburger was a $1.25 but I was told by the BK server that the double-cheeseburger was $1.00. Well I didn’t want the double only the single because I didn’t want to eat that much food. Of course she looked at me stunned as though I was completely idiotic, but I didn’t want to eat that much. The cost was irrelevant to me; the amount of food was relevant. What do others think?

    • fantomesq says:

      Yep, I agree with the server – that doesn’t make sense… have them “Make it your way” by leaving the second patty on the side and you still have your cheeseburger for $1.

    • Megalomania says:

      You should have bought the cheaper one and eaten half of it. Or, if that would have ruined your meat to other ratio, removed one patty. Just because you get more food doesn’t mean you have to eat it. Of course, if you don’t want to rely on your self control, then a quarter is a pretty low price to pay to help fight off fat.

    • Eyebrows McGee (now with double the baby!) says:

      I agree with you — and his wife. As long as she isn’t chugging through these at an enormous rate, but just has a Diet Coke now and then and this is the size she wants, I don’t think the small extra expense is that big a deal, as long as she knows about it.

      Some things you can save the extra for later, some things you really can’t. Diet Coke doesn’t save well once it’s open.

    • Eyebrows McGee (now with double the baby!) says:

      Here’s another example of “different needs” … when my husband does the grocery shopping, he invariably buys the largest size available because it’s the “cheapest,” no matter what instructions I give him. There are some things that in NO universe can we get through it all before it spoils, so his frugality is actually wasteful.

      And then there’s the flour. I have short cabinets and I cannot fit even a standard-sized cereal box in them. I buy the 5-lb. bags of flour because THEY FIT IN MY CABINET. (And I don’t go through flour all that fast, most of the time.) Every time I send him to buy flour he buys the TEN-pound bag of flour, which then has to sit on the counter for ages and ages while I try to get through it, because it won’t fit in any of the cabinets. And every time he comes in the kitchen he says irritably, “WHy haven’t you put the flour away yet? Why is it still just SITTING here?” And I say, “Because you bought the TEN pound and it’s too tall for any of our cabinets, as I have told you six dozen times before.” And he says, “Oh, I forgot. Next time I’ll get the 5-lb.” And I write “Flour – 5lb. bag” on his grocery list. And he still buys the 10-lb. the next time. And then bitches about it sitting on the counter.

      Wow, I feel sort-of better now.

      • pecan 3.14159265 says:

        I think for some people, grocery shopping is a task that is always completed with gusto and planning. And for some people (I would wager mostly men), grocery shopping is tedious, annoying, and avoided by running in, grabbing the item in front of you (regardless of price or brand), and leaving. This is why I do all of the grocery shopping. I can spend four minutes comparing prices, calculating it all in my head, whereas Mr. Pi will either grab the first block of cheddar he sees without looking at price, or, he’ll grab the cheapest thing on the shelf without looking at the quality.

        • Beef Supreme says:

          The exact opposite is true in our house. I have to buy the groceries the bulk of the time because I buy what we need and what is a good deal, not just one or the other. Plus, Mrs. Fens hates the grocery store.

        • pdj79 says:

          My situation is the opposite. I do all the grocery shopping because I do all the cooking. I know exactly what we need, how much we need of it, and how much it should cost. If I send my wife (and I’m the OP so this is the same woman I’m talking about), she’ll get the wrong size, type, etc. She’ll then purchase things we never talked about, things we didn’t need, all because she is an impulsive buyer. It was on one of these trips of hers that she discovered the mini can. She came home all “isn’t it cute? A can made just for me!!” Nevermind that she already had a case still sitting in the pantry and several cans chilled in the fridge already. She’s impulsive and loves to shop. I go in, grab what’s needed, and leave. I was done Christmas shopping in 2 hours…she was still scrambling on Christmas Eve. You’re right, I hate to shop…but that is a benefit, not a burden in my case.

      • HogwartsProfessor says:

        LOL you have two kids, really!

        Get a plastic container that fits in the cabinet and decant the flour into it, and put the rest of the bag in a plastic ziplock bag in the freezer. I do this because I have problems with pantry moths, but you might be able to find a container that will fit in there okay.

      • Fred E. says:

        Hate to tell you, he’s doing it on purpose. He hasn’t forgot that many times. Put your foot down.

        • Eyebrows McGee (now with double the baby!) says:

          No, he’s really like that. He sees I wrote “5-lbs” and thinks, “Flour doesn’t spoil! I can get an even better deal if I get the 10 lbs. and she’ll be impressed because she’s the coupon queen!” Once this idea is in his head, he cannot be distracted from it, because he has a solidly one-track mind that cannot be turned aside, so the fact that he’s tried this before will not occur to him.

          It happens with a lot of things. Like once he was trying to fix a stuck door and I could see not only how it needed to be fixed (having been watching him fiddle with it) but that he was about to break the glass if he kept doing what he was then doing, and I was literally shouting his name and he couldn’t hear me because he was concentrating so hard, and then it took like fifteen minutes to talk him into trying my way because his was focused on the solution he was trying.

          Once he’s got a thought in his head he has to follow it to its logical conclusion, even if you point out to him that his logical conclusion will end in the earth being swallowed by a black hole.

    • Kimaroo - 100% Pure Natural Kitteh says:

      We oftin pay “more” for a smaller portion or package of something. I’m a small person, I don’t NEED that much food. I don’t want to throw things away unnessicarilly either.. Just like at McD when they have “every size drink for $1.00” I don’t WANT a huge large cup, I want the small cup because it’s easier for me and I’m not drinking that much anyway. I shouldn’t have to struggle to hold up a drink. I don’t care that the bigger one is “the better value”.

    • Awesome McAwesomeness says:

      You my friend, are a model for healthy eating. Millions of Americans overeat becasue they get more food for a cheaper price, or becasue the combo meal is only $1.00 more than the sandwich. Good for you!!!

    • FrugalFreak says:

      There is a problem though. If all of the women start drinking the 7.5 oz cans, they will phase out the bigger cans. so peoples lofty buying habits end up costing us all more when we buy things. You may have $200,000 dollars to spend on designer cans but not everyone does. The manufacturers think “if we can sell a 5 oz can for $10.00 a pop they WILL. your convience costs us ALL!

      • myrna_minkoff says:

        I see your point, but it doesn’t apply in this instance.
        Coke has adopted a strategy to roll out a variety of new sizes for all its beverages as a growth initiative. (Trying to snag more buyers by providing more options.) So we’ll be seeing more sizes/package options in the future. Not less.

    • pdj79 says:

      I’m the OP so let me retort…

      The way I look at this is the fact that she will not finish a 12oz can. She never has. She always leaves a good third or so left and it gets thrown away. Her argument is that she is wasting it, so why not just get the small cans and the whole can will be consumed and she’ll feel better knowing she didn’t let any go to waste? Her idea of waste is different than mine. She’s paying an insanely higher cost per oz for the (now 7.5oz) mini cans than she would if she bought the larger cans…not to mention the fact that the 12-packs actually go on sale while the minis do not…in this instance one 12-pack was a dollar cheaper than the 8-pack. I don’t care if she’s going to dump roughly 3-4oz of Coke into the drain…the fact is we paid less. There’s no waste in my eyes because we spent less for more. Dump it, you’re still saving me money. There’s zero calories in these things anyway, so its not like I’m asking her to double up on a cheeseburger just because its $.25 cheaper…that doesn’t enter into it. I could be a dick and tell her she can drink water as it has the same nutritional value as the Diet Coke, but I don’t because she enjoys them. Technically I’m wasting money by buying this ass-flavored caramel-colored water in the first place but I digress. My reason for sending this in was not because I’m pissed that they charge more for less…this is basic grocery economics and will never change. I’m pissed because they have shrunk these to an even smaller size than before and are charging the same price (and not even bothering to create a new SKU or compelling Walmart to make new aisle tags so as to hide these shenanigans). It’s all just a bunch of BS (and it appears they did it because they shrunk regular Coke as well to meet the 90-calorie limit Laura mentioned in her write-up – you can’t have 2 different sized mini cans, one for the HFCS-infused drinks like Coke and Sprite and one for the calorie-free diet versions – gotta keep everything the same).

      • pecan 3.14159265 says:

        I say let it go. You obviously think she’s being a silly woman for making her own decisions about what she and ONLY she wants to drink. Obviously you don’t like Diet Coke, so your interest is only from a financial standpoint. However, if you buy an 8 pack of Diet Coke at $4 every 8 days, you would buy about 45.5 packs of Diet Coke. If you saved 50 cents every time by buying the bigger pack of Diet Coke, you’d really save about $22.50 throughout the course of one entire year. $22.50 can buy you a night at the movies, or some DVDs, or some gas. But is it worth your bitching about what your wife wants to drink and in what quantities? I’m sure she’s tired of hearing about it.

        • NarcolepticGirl says:

          I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone so serious about these shrink-rays to the point where it causes someone to freak out like this.

  9. GuyGuidoEyesSteveDaveâ„¢ says:

    Are these tall and thin like Red Bull/Amp/etc… cans? Are they just trying to appeal to the hipster crowd who only drink things in unusual packages like PBR in cans?

  10. Rhizobium says:

    Isn’t the packaging more expensive than the contents, in the case of soft drinks? Having noted that the price for a six pack of mini cans is often similar to the regular sized six pack, I figure it’s one of those things where people are willing to pay for portion control …

    Not sure how accurate this is, but I can affirm that there are certainly a lot of different sizes for Coke-esque products in Canada:

  11. Demonpiggies says:

    …at least he apologized for having an IPhone!

    (Note: this is a joke not a troll and please don’t flame me for having a sense of humor)

  12. KTK1990 says:

    If the wife only drinks 8oz, then why not try and find some small cups for her.

    That way she can get about the same amount of soda, and he can buy the better deal… also dont forget about how much room ice takes up.

    • bishophicks says:

      Get some small cups and buy 2-liter bottles of diet coke for $1.25.

      • NarcolepticGirl says:

        maybe she wants to take them to work.

        • pdj79 says:

          You hit the nail on the head. She likes to take these to work. But now my children are starting to grow fond of the “cute little cans” and get mad when a 2-liter or, god forbid, regular can is sitting there. We shouldn’t be drinking this crap in the first place!!!

          • NarcolepticGirl says:

            Well, everyone likes something a little unhealthy or not needed.
            You can’t expect everyone to live without vices (cable, junk food, jewelry, shirts that cost over $10, etc)

            My bf likes to buy organic food and it’s pretty expensive. Especially the meat.
            I don’t care if I’m eating organic or not. I do sometimes cringe at the prices but he has his beliefs and preferences and it doesn’t really bother me too much.

          • pecan 3.14159265 says:

            Then you could teach your kids more lessons on healthy eating. We all eat unhealthy things and we all have our vices. I came home to find a pizza box and a pack of gummi bears on the counter. Okay, that was probably some of the most unhealthy food Mr. Pi and his buddies could have eaten – but one or two days of this kind of eating out of a month of homecooked meals? That’s okay. It’s okay to lighten up, but you just need to know when to stop. Just because your kids think the mini can is cute doesn’t mean you can’t teach them about healthy eating.

      • DoubleEcho says:

        I hate 2 liters – they go flat way too quickly.

    • pecan 3.14159265 says:

      But what happens to the rest of the soda in a regular can? That’s the point. She only wants X amount, and the larger cans have too much.

  13. bishophicks says:

    My wife uses similar logic which is why I do all the shopping and cooking.

    • pecan 3.14159265 says:

      This doesn’t make any sense. When you go to the store, and you need three of something, it’s possible you’d buy the amount you need if it’s a one-time purchase, right? If I need four bowls, and it’s cheaper to get six, I could still end up paying more for four bowls because I don’t need six. That’s the same logic the OP’s wife is taking – and it makes sense.

      • RandomHookup says:

        Except you can throw away the bowls if you really don’t need them (leave them in the cart — you’ll be amazed how quickly they go). Why pay more to get the same amount you need?

        Of course, the logic doesn’t work well with perishables.

  14. Scamazon says:

    Pepsi tried and failed with shrinking from 12 and selling 8 – 12oz cans. This coke concept is interesting but the overall price is the same or higher for the smaller cans. I suppose with the warnings about inflation we will be seeing a lot more of this trickery…

  15. pgh9fan says:

    Do what my wife does. When I go to the grocery store I but her the 24-ounce Mountain Dew bottles in a six-pack. They went on sale for $2.99. That’s 144 ounces. She drinks what she wants then closes the lid and puts it back in the refrigerator. When it goes on sale I buy ten sixes at a time.

  16. PencilSharp says:

    A potentially interesting aside…

    I’ve noticed 4-packs of 12 oz cans of Pepsi popping up (sorry (no, not really)) at Wal-Marts for $1 even. This works out to $3 for 12 cans, compared to a 12-pack of Pepsi for $4.28. Also, $6 for 24cans, compared to $6.28 for a 24-pack.

    No wonder they’re constantly running out of 4-packs (*&^#$%)…

  17. LESSTHANKIND says:

    So what’s to stop Mrs. Josh from simply buying them herself if they’re what she wants? Surely she’s capable of making her own purchase decisions. If he doesn’t like them, fine. But if she likes them, she should continue to buy them. As someone who also can’t get through more than half a can of soda at once, I see where she’s coming from.

    If you’re continually throwing away half of every can of the “cheaper” 12-pack, it becomes, in effect, a 6-pack. Which means you’re kind of spending twice as much for it as you think you are. Josh, buy her the cans she wants. Mrs. Josh, buy them yourself if he won’t. Couples ARE allowed to diverge sometimes, aren’t they?

    • NarcolepticGirl says:

      i agree. I can’t drink a full can of soda but I like it.
      I buy these smaller cans and pack ’em for lunch when I go to work.

    • pecan 3.14159265 says:

      Because when you ask your spouse to run to the store after work and pick up some things on his or her way home, you don’t want to hear the person’s own gripes and personal opinions on why your request is ludicrous, and end up with what you don’t even want because the person placed his or her opinions before yours without even listening to your logic.

      Asking your spouse to pick up something on his or her way home should not be like pulling teeth, and it shouldn’t resemble UN peace talks. It should be “can you pick up a pack of Diet Coke? The mini coke cans” without having a whole diatribe on “but you’re throwing away money, I refuse to cave to your wishes.”

      I wonder how Josh is to his wife if he thinks the fact that his wife wants mini Coke cans and asks him to buy some for her means she’s “manipulating” him. His word, not mine.

      • bsh0544 says:

        You know, I can’t believe it took this many comments for somebody to mention that (the “manipulated” comment). It sounds to me like there’s some deeper issues here beyond diet coke.

      • LESSTHANKIND says:

        Or it could be one of those “hubby says no, so it’s no” households, like the woman with the Sony Reader whose husband threw away all her beloved books and now has all her book purchases monitored by him, because he’ll only “allow” (ugh) “sentimental purchases” from here on in.

        Not for me, but it seems to be fine for a lot of women. (Me, I would have taken the Reader and moved out. With every last one of my books.)

        • pecan 3.14159265 says:

          I think some people truly do have a problem with how much money they spend on a hobby. Some people never use the library, and they buy every single book they want to read, and don’t get rid of them years after they’re done. It can be financially draining if you’re already on a budget.

          But apart from that, the OP’s tone boggles my mind. His wife doesn’t see logic, is manipulative, doesn’t see the “bigger picture” which I’m guessing the OP does see. I’m not entirely sure what the bigger picture is – let’s save money even if it means dumping food down the drain, and being wasteful, or losing out 50 cents on Coke because we buy to suit our needs? We buy apples and eat them all the time. It’s always cheaper to get the big 2-lb. bag of them rather than buy them individually by the pound. But we always select four or five apples rather than get the big bag because even though we’re probably spending $1 more, we don’t like the waste that goes along with dumping six or seven apples that have gone bad because we can’t eat them fast enough. There needs to be a balance.

          • Con Seanne-BZZZZZZZZZZZZ says:

            But the point here is that it’s more economical to get the 12 pack for the same price as the 8 pack, or, in this specific case, CHEAPER than the 8 pack. So you have, for $3.50 in both cases, 144 ounces, or 64 ounces. If you dump 4 ounces per 12-ounce can, you still have 12 8-ounce servings for the same price as 8 8-ounce servings. So, even once you factor in the wasted Coke (which doesn’t have to be a waste. What if he likes 16-ounce servings?), you still have the 12 pack coming out to 2/3 the cost of the 8 pack on a per-serving basis assuming equal price. It compares even more favorably than that in this case, as it’s $2.50 for a 12 against $3.50 for the 8. That said, this doesn’t work for things like apples. Coke, though…that won’t get flat while it’s sealed up.

          • pdj79 says:

            Jesus you people are taking this too fucking seriously. If she wants to buy her precious mini Cokes, she can buy them, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to. So all you women screaming about misogynistic bullshit can get over yourselves because it was all written as a joke anyway. The whole point of my submission was to point out that Coke is shrinking their already small portion and charging the same price. People got all up in arms when Jiff shed several ounces of their product, others were downright pissed when a pint of ice cream stopped being a pint for some brands. This should have been no different, but because I am passionate about not wasting money, people call into question the stability of my household and marriage. My wife sits next to me as I type this, ashamed at the way some of you have reacted to what she thought was rather comical. Sounds like someone needs a serious deep dicking,,,that’s compliments of the Mrs.

    • sir_pantsalot says:

      WOW! If the small 8 pack and the larger 12 pack are the same price get the 12 pack. This is where the logic and reason come in to play. If you pour out 4oz ( or half if you prefer) of each Coke you don’t end up with a 6 pack you end up with 12 smaller servings versus 8 smaller servings from the 8 pack. You are left with 12 servings for $3.50 or 8 servings for $3.50 only an idiot could make the wrong decision here. Your argument says that is it better to throw away money than it is to throw away Coke. That does not seem very smart.

  18. TVarmy says:

    Perhaps the secret to wealth is to buy tiny glasses and pour from a 2 gallon bottle.

    Or, you know, just drink water or tea in place of calorific sugar water.

  19. Kimaroo - 100% Pure Natural Kitteh says:

    The Coke people missed something here with these new cans. Besides the value/price thing, they have squashed out the “Cute factor” that the other small cans had. The shorter ones were way cute because they looked just like normal cans but shorter.. These taller thin ones just remind me of redbull and that crap is nasty.

    Maybe it’s weird, but the cute factor of the old smaller cans made me buy them for my mom’s birthday last year… (She doesn’t drink cokes oftin, but she likes small amounts of diet coke sometimes. I was buying her a whole set of treats for her birthday and the lil cans were one of them)

  20. NarcolepticGirl says:

    I buy these sometimes.
    I cannot drink a whole can of soda and these are great to take to work.

    I really dislike drinking soda from bottles.
    When we buy 2 liters – it seems to taste flat after the first night. same with smaller bottles.

    AND my boyfriend doesn’t feel “manipulated” into buying them… because he’s not cheap nor selfish when it comes to me purchasing a small item like soda.
    ….And also because I work and the money is both of ours.

    • pdj79 says:

      I’m the OP so let me say this: the difference between your situation and mine….he’s a boyfriend. Get married, have a couple kids, mortgage payments, medical debt, car payments, etc, then tell me that he’s not looking for ways to save and scrutinizing purchases that are, when you look at the big picture, wasteful of money. I buy them for her because I love her, but also because I don’t want to argue about something stupid like spending more money than necessary for less. Maybe manipulation was a harsh word, but I can’t think of anything better to describe a woman subtly pushing my buttons to get what they want, knowing good and well I don’t like to argue with them and will back down.

      • NarcolepticGirl says:

        I may not have a piece of paper that says I’m married but you don’t need that to have a house, cars, debt, student loans, medical bills, etc.

        I am actually the person in my relationship that finds the deals and tries to limit spending.
        I do this by communication – not by going on the internet and calling my SO “manipulative” and and complaining over a some cans of Coke that she has a perfect reason for wanting.

        And – you say she’s pushing your buttons to get what she wants? And what’s that?
        A 6 pack of mini-Cokes?
        Are you serious?

      • NarcolepticGirl says:

        Also, we keep our bank accounts seperate
        I realized how much better it is to keep bank accounts seperate by observing my sister and her husband.

  21. dwb says:

    Why, in MY day (I love saying that) Coca-Cola came in 6.5oz bottles. They’ve been giving us too much for years!

  22. Chuck Norris' wig says:

    Just stop this silliness and exercise your manly authority to banish beverages less than 12 ounces from the house.

  23. Winteridge2 says:

    It appears that these are much healthier for you than the 8 oz. Fewer calories, fewer chemicals, less contaminated water, less aspertame…hey, you should be happy to pay more for less of everything!

  24. Ben Popken says: