Do Not Use "Twitter" As Your Twitter Password

Twitter is looking out for you. When you register, in addition to telling you how strong or weak your password is, there are also certain passwords that are forbidden. These include “computer,” “twitter,” and “vagina.”

The banned passwords are part of the source code of Twitter’s signup page. It’s not known where the list came from, but it makes for interesting reading. Here are my favorites:

  • 12345678
  • abcdef
  • beaver
  • calvin
  • computer
  • gandalf
  • internet
  • monkey
  • nascar
  • panties
  • qwerty
  • rosebud
  • sexsex
  • testing
  • trustno1
  • twitter
  • vagina

Even if your favorite password isn’t on the list, check out this article to learn how to build strong and memorable passwords.

[The Wundercounter via TechCrunch]

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