Lorac Replaces Entire Makeup Kit After Two Eyeshadows Smashed In Transit

Lizbeth ordered an eye makeup kit from Lorac Cosmetics, but two of the eyeshadows in the case were smashed when the kit arrived. She contacted their customer service about replacements for those few colors, and got a lovely surprise in return.

On December 10th I placed an order with Lorac Cosmetics, from their own website. I ordered a few items, one of which was their “Everyday Eye Collection,” which includes 9 eyeshadows, a liquid liner and a train case to put it all in. The order shipped the next day, and I received it 5 days later, on the 16th.

To my dismay, 2 of the shadows in the set were broken, one of them was completely crumbled into powder and I didn’t even bother removing the seal. I sent the following email to their customer service:

Order No: [redacted]

I just received my order in the mail, and one of the eyeshadows is broken. It’s the Kiwi shadow from the “Everyday Eye Collection.” I have not opened it, so it’s still sealed, but I can see that it’s crumbled and all over the inside of the container. Also, the pan in the Suede shadow is not glued down, so it’s bouncing around inside its container as well.

Is there any way to get replacements for these items?

Everything else looks great and I can’t wait to try them out!

Thank you,


Two days later, the 18th, I got this response:

Dear Lizbeth:

Thank you for being a valued customer of LORAC Cosmetics. Although LORAC has not experienced problems in this regard, please be assured that your information on this has been forwarded to the department in charge of packaging.

LORAC would like to send you a new LORAC Everyday Eye Collection to replace the one you previously purchased. We will gladly send it to the address you provided below.


LORAC Customer Care

Really? They’re going to send the entire collection? I thought, “I’ll believe it when I see it.” Sure enough, today, Christmas Eve, I got the package and it’s the entire set. They could easily have sent just those two colors that were broken (they are sold separately). They could have asked me to send back the original collection in exchange for the new one. But they sent the entire thing, free of charge, no questions asked. Even better, they got it here by Christmas Eve, so if it had been a gift (it’s not) I could’ve gotten it to the giftee in time. And it sounds like they’re taking the issue seriously enough to look into it and prevent it from happening in the future.

I already love their products, but their customer service has guaranteed that I will shop with them again.

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