Lorac Replaces Entire Makeup Kit After Two Eyeshadows Smashed In Transit

Lizbeth ordered an eye makeup kit from Lorac Cosmetics, but two of the eyeshadows in the case were smashed when the kit arrived. She contacted their customer service about replacements for those few colors, and got a lovely surprise in return.

On December 10th I placed an order with Lorac Cosmetics, from their own website. I ordered a few items, one of which was their “Everyday Eye Collection,” which includes 9 eyeshadows, a liquid liner and a train case to put it all in. The order shipped the next day, and I received it 5 days later, on the 16th.

To my dismay, 2 of the shadows in the set were broken, one of them was completely crumbled into powder and I didn’t even bother removing the seal. I sent the following email to their customer service:

Order No: [redacted]

I just received my order in the mail, and one of the eyeshadows is broken. It’s the Kiwi shadow from the “Everyday Eye Collection.” I have not opened it, so it’s still sealed, but I can see that it’s crumbled and all over the inside of the container. Also, the pan in the Suede shadow is not glued down, so it’s bouncing around inside its container as well.

Is there any way to get replacements for these items?

Everything else looks great and I can’t wait to try them out!

Thank you,


Two days later, the 18th, I got this response:

Dear Lizbeth:

Thank you for being a valued customer of LORAC Cosmetics. Although LORAC has not experienced problems in this regard, please be assured that your information on this has been forwarded to the department in charge of packaging.

LORAC would like to send you a new LORAC Everyday Eye Collection to replace the one you previously purchased. We will gladly send it to the address you provided below.


LORAC Customer Care

Really? They’re going to send the entire collection? I thought, “I’ll believe it when I see it.” Sure enough, today, Christmas Eve, I got the package and it’s the entire set. They could easily have sent just those two colors that were broken (they are sold separately). They could have asked me to send back the original collection in exchange for the new one. But they sent the entire thing, free of charge, no questions asked. Even better, they got it here by Christmas Eve, so if it had been a gift (it’s not) I could’ve gotten it to the giftee in time. And it sounds like they’re taking the issue seriously enough to look into it and prevent it from happening in the future.

I already love their products, but their customer service has guaranteed that I will shop with them again.


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  1. SecretAgentWoman says:

    Yay for LORAC Customer Care, I’ll have to check out their website. :)

    • twonewfs says:

      I checked it out, and wound up ordering the collection – sweet move for customer service. Seriously – their under eye concealer is a great value: more product than other lines, and a nice texture – it’s what I’d take on a desert island

  2. catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

    it’s really good to see excellent service stories like this one. refreshing change from the majority. i know people are more likely to send in bad stories than good ones so i’m really enjoying that you are taking time to post them too amid what is probably an inbox full of complaints.

    i’d never heard of lorac and i don’t wear makeup. but i’ll probably check out their products now to see if i’d recommend them to friends.

  3. Mr. TheShack says:

    “LORAC does not conduct, condone nor endorse testing on animals.”


  4. MikeB says:

    Good customer service, but also a very smart thing to do to prevent potential lawsuits. If one of the unbroken bottles had a chip/small crack in it and she used it and there was a small piece of glass in the makeup….

    • Lady Shopalot says:

      It’s more likely that it was easier, from an inventory control standpoint, to just ship out a full set as a replacement. Eyeshadow doesn’t come in glass containers, so the chances of injury are pretty remote, and if liability were a concern I’m sure they would have had her return the whole set.

  5. HogwartsProfessor says:

    That’s awesome! Way to go, LORAC!

  6. Dukebruno says:

    When you consider the markup on cosmetics this is just smart business.It costs the company not much more than the postage to send out the replacement product (retail $ 22.50 for the Everyday Eye Collection = 50 cent manufacturing cost). Send out replacement product and you retain a customer who will (presumably) keep on buying their hugely marked up stuff. As for the return, this is getting to be standard practice. We get defective computer stuff (low-end routers, keyboards, etc) and the standard instruction for dealing with the bad item is “recycle it.”

  7. Norsehawk says:

    I have no direct experience with their cosmetics, no do I ever expect to (due to my Y chromosome) . But I have had a similar experience with other companies that take a very strong stance on providing excellent customer service.

    It is kind of sad that we have to go out of our way to recognize good customer service nowadays. I wish that companies would understand that consumers have a lot of options out in the world, and that if you treat a customer right, they will be a good customer for life. For probably lets say $10.00 worth of raw materials and shipping costs, Lizbeth is now an ecstatic customer, who is loyal to their company, and so pleased that she came her to tell everyone as well. Which will garner at least a handful of new customers as well for them.

  8. Kimaroo - 100% Pure Natural Kitteh says:

    Wow.. that is great for her.. especially because they let her keep the first set, she can use all the other colors that weren’t dammaged. Then she has an extra case to use for whatever she wants after they’re all used up. I’ve never thought to try Lorac, but maybe I will sometime.

  9. miss_roxxan says:

    i actually had something similar happen with Godiva. i ordered a gift online (a set of their hot chocolates all wrapped pretty) and when it arrived, it was half wrapped with bubble wrap and the unwrapped part had packing tape stuck to the gift! it pulled off the paper on the item, so i was disappointed. i sent customer service a message just to say what happened so they could take caution for the future (many of their items are in ready-to-give condition, so i would think they wouldn’t directly tape items). a day later i got an email saying they would resend the hot chocolates! within a few days, a second set in pristine condition arrived.

  10. Sumtron5000 says:

    I like how the eyeshadow containers look like MAC.. part of the reason why I love Mac is the simple design. No, I do not need a crappy plastic puffy eye shadow wand thingie that no one over the age of 8 uses every time I get a new color!

  11. tekchik27 says:

    This happened to me with an order from MAC Cosmetics. I had ordered a gift pack of 5 lip glosses and when it arrived, one of them was missing. I contacted MAC and they shipped out another set immediately, and did not ask for the incomplete set back. Needless to say, I’ve been wearing MAC exclusively since.

  12. allthatsevil says:

    Yay! This was my letter!

    I’m so glad you guys posted this. I was hoping you would so I could email the link to their customer service just to let them know how much I appreciated the way they handled it.