Snapfish Gives Customer Free Prints For Bad Weather

Troy in Texas ordered his photo Christmas cards a bit late from Snapfish, and experienced something beautiful and unexpected: the company offered customers store credit to make up for weather delays that weren’t even the company’s fault. Gasp!

Following our family tradition, we waited until this week to take a picture for our Christmas cards. Because we never manage to get them out before Christmas anyway, this isn’t a big deal, but we ordered them from Snapfish today [December 20th] to take advantage of the free shipping. About four hours later, we received the email below.

Living as we do in Texas, I wasn’t aware of the extent of the weather problems until today while watching NFL games, and didn’t expect to get the pictures before Christmas in any case. We’ve always been satisfied with Snapfish, and just having them let us know about the problems would have been enough, but throwing in some extra prints for problems beyond their control seems to be going above and beyond.

Dear Snapfish customer,

We are writing to you about your recent order # XXXXXXXX.

Snapfish produces our custom-printed products at multiple locations around the country and we have identified your order as one that is being printed this weekend at our facility in Maryland, outside Washington D.C.

The Washington Area is experiencing a record snowfall for December and yesterday we had blizzard conditions at the plant. We are happy to report that a great number of employees came in through the snow to work this weekend so we expect to finish all orders that have been placed already, including yours. But travel conditions are not good. Many of our shipping methods will have great difficulty simply moving around from plant to airport on the snow-covered highways. For example, Fed Ex has closed their local offices until Monday, Dec. 21st.

While the weather is obviously out of our control and we are doing everything we possibly can to get your order printed and shipped to you by Thursday Dec. 24th, we wanted to let you know there’s a chance of delay so you can make alternate gift plans if necessary. We promise to keep you updated on the status of your order, and you will receive email as soon as it ships from the plant.
As a way of showing our appreciation to you, we have placed 50 free 4×6 mail-order print credits into your Snapfish account, which you can use at any time in the future.

We sincerely apologize for this possible delay, but we knew you would want to know the latest news on the status of your order.

Your Snapfish Team


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  1. CompyPaq says:

    It wasn’t their fault, they did everything in their power to fix it, and then went an additional step. All I can say is wow.

  2. Dunkelzahn says:

    Customer appreciation begets appreciation of a company.

    I applaud you, Snapfish. You just earned a customer.

  3. CompyPaq says:

    I feel that I am forced to contrast this with what happened when an HP service center closed due to weather (that had forced the service center to close over a month before I requested service)
    1) They knew that the service center was closed and would have a backlog
    2) They decided not to divert any computers to their still open service center
    3) They didn’t tell any customers that their service center was closed nor notify them about any delays.
    4) They at no point apologized for the delays or even acknowledged that they could have handled it better.

    I actually pointed out to them that they were in violation of their warranty agreement (it stipulates that to the best of their ability they have to provide a reasonable time estimate of the repairs) and the rep actually started yelling at me.

    So Snapfish wins where HP failed.

  4. SpiderPaintingDollars says:

    I’ve heard of Snapfish… but I’ve never used them. I know where I’ll go for my future photo printing needs. If anyone from Snapfish is reading, obviously you know how to go above and beyond and truly help the customer so take note that even if you don’t have accounts from them yet, I think you’ve earned a few customers. You’re doing it right!

  5. bloodnok says:

    i ordered prints of a photo of my kid for the grandparents. it was also shipped from their maryland plant. given how late i was submitting my order, i would not have been disappointed had they shipped after christmas. but for some reason they considered me a “victim” of their bad weather. thanks. dunno if i’ll use the prints, but it sure was a nice & totally unexpected as well as unnecessary gesture.

  6. TVarmy says:

    I love Snapfish. Their prints are awesome, and they’re cheap. Plus, their site has a bunch of price-matching features that are implemented automatically, and they have coupon codes on that actually work.

    This just confirms for me yet again that this is the right site for my photos. Shine on, Hewlett Packard.

  7. Halliday says:

    Snapfish has always done my family right. Many years ago we bought about 500 print credits. You paid less for them upfront and it seemed like a good deal when I was starting a family. A year or two later they reduced the price of their prints and they applied the new price to our remaining credits. Props #1 to them….
    Forward to this past year… I uploaded some photos to their website and ordered prints. Twice for some reason the files failed to print and not only did they of course refund the credits used, they gave me 50 extra credits for my hassle. TWICE! Props #2 to snapfish.

    We still have a ton of print credits now but I’m sure snapfish will come through if there are any problems.

  8. JFK says:

    Cheapskate, why don’t you actually pay for shipping and send it earlier, if I were them I would have told you “sorry out of luck, next year don’t cheap out and send it earlier bud.”

  9. MikeB says:

    Great customer service kills 2 birds with 1 stone. Not only did they go above and beyond, they prevented any “Snapfish failed to get me my order on time and they ruined Christmas”, which we have seen plenty of posts on that. Not saying the OP would have done that, but there are plenty of people who would have.

  10. Javin says:

    Wow… And yet, here’s what happened with us (we live in the Northern VA / DC area.) The girlfriend ordered something to be shipped VIA UPS to our home. She paid EXTRA to have it here by Tuesday, as Wednesday would be the only day she could exchange the gift with the person it was for. She watched it intently in the tracking system. By Tuesday evening, approximately 8 PM, it still wasn’t here, but still showed it as being in transit to our door. We called UPS and were assured that it would still be delivered tonight, but the driver was running late (due to traffic).

    Come around 9 PM and the status changes to “undeliverable due to extreme conditions.” Now, keep in mind that our “blizzard” (I’m from Michigan, this “blizzard” was a joke) had happened on Friday. This is now 4 days later, and between the semi-warm weather, and the crews, the roads are completely cleared and safe. There were no accidents between here and the UPS office either, because we checked. The driver simply decided he didn’t like dealing with the traffic anymore, and turned around and went back. Period.

    So we call UPS, and explain that we had paid EXTRA to have it delivered today. The least they could do was reimburse us the difference. They refuse. I ask to speak to a supervisor, I’m hung up on. I call back, and ask if they could AT LEAST put a flag on the package so it doesn’t go on the truck tomorrow, so the GF can pick it up manually, herself, first thing in the morning. They assure me that they will.

    She gets there in the morning, there is ONE employee working the desk (slowly) for all the other people there to pick up their packages. Other packages are also calling bullshit to their “extreme conditions” excuse as it had been one of the nicer nights in a long time. When the girlfriend finally gets to the clerk (she was the 3rd person in line, and it still took over half an hour) and tells her about the package she needs, the clerk sighs heavily, making a snide remark about how she didn’t “call early enough” and now she’d have to go back and stop the delivery guys because they were already putting it on the truck!

    I will never use UPS again, but Snapfish has gained a new customer!