Scams That Came Of Age In 2009

Get-poor-quickly schemes abounded in 2009, and Mark Huffman Consumer Affairs sifted through the best of the best to come up the top 10 scams of 2009.

Topping his list are “free trials” that were actually phishing schemes meant to nab your personal info and run up charges in your name. Huffman writes:

One common pitch is for a “free” trial-sized bottle of teeth whitener. The consumer provides credit card information to pay a $2 fee for shipping. That seems like a reasonable request in order to get a free sample, right?

Wrong. Once these people have your credit card information, they can — and do — put all kinds of charges on it, claiming the consumer signed up for a membership club or committed to buying a case of the stuff. Chances are there’s something buried in fine print that obligates you but regardless, you’re stuck with trying to get the charge taken off your card.

Others on the list are acai berry extract offers and debt reduction offers. What were your least favorite scams of the year?

Top 10 Scams Of 2009 [Consumer Affairs]

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