Website Doesn't Want To Ship To Lora doesn’t seem to like Lora. Not the people at, who were helpful enough, but the website itself. Each time Lora places an order, the system cancels it–and naturally, owing to its hatred of this woman, it won’t tell anyone why. Whatever Lora did to hurt’s feelings, it worked.

(Okay, it may have something to do with billing addresses, but nobody is sure.)

I ordered boots online [from] Thursday; it was a great deal—15 percent off and free shipping. I was excited for my purchase. That evening I get an automated email indicating the Audit Review Team cancelled my order, no reason given. I call Friday morning and speak with a very helpful representative. He didn’t know the reason why my order was cancelled. We came to the conclusion that it was probably cancelled due to being unable to verify my billing address. (When I placed my order online and entered my billing address and zip code I got an error message indicating the city I entered doesn’t associate with the zip code I entered so I had to pick a different city. Having purchased our home three years ago and having multiple online deliveries made, I’m positive I know my address.) We replace the order; he even threw in two-day shipping for free due to the inconvenience. I was excited again.

About two hours later, I get another automated email from the Audit Review Team. My second order has been cancelled. I call again, frustrated—hoping the third time is the charm—and again I am told my order was cancelled and they don’t have a reason why. I ask to speak with the Audit Review Team—denied. I’m offered the option to place my order a third time (with no guarantee it will work). I explain the reason I think it was denied and was suggested I contact my bank to verify my billing address. Now, I’m all for doing what’s needed but I really don’t see how me contacting my bank to verify my billing address is going to resolve what appears to be their issue (forcing me to select the wrong city). Especially since I am never given the reason why my orders were cancelled—the address idea is all speculation.

I am an avid online purchaser and have never had any purchase cancelled. I just wanted to give money for a pair of boots—they made this impossible. So, I immediately called Zappos and will have the boots Tuesday.

I’m sure has positive aspects; this was not one of them.

Oh snap, she just threw Zappos in your face That’s gotta hurt.

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