TWC Accidentally Cancels Service, Leaves You Bored And Lonely During Holidays

Marisa is alone during the holidays, but it would have been nice to have TV, phone and internet to keep her company. Unfortunately, she says TWC randomly canceled her service for no reason.

Marisa writes:

Time Warner Cable cancelled my service today due to an error on their end.

Here’s the basic rundown:

1:30pm – Service Failure of Phone / Cable / Internet

3:00pm – Upon calling Time Warner, rep says must be an outage.

6:00pm – Still unclear why no service. Technician can come out on 18th of December ( 11 days from now )

8:28pm – Service has been cancelled and wires have “already been disconnected from the pole.”
I am told to “call back tomorrow” once the cancellation completes and instructed to re-order service again.

I’m heartbroken. Oddly enough, I was never prompted with a survey like I was promised. The rep would notgive me her last name though I asked 3 times. It’s worth mentioning that the rep thanked me more than once for being so kind and understanding ( as I was ). It was my intention to give her some credit for “trying” though in the end, it seems as if I was hung up on.

All in all, I’m left with no phone / internet / cable service, I lose my home phone number and am left with no viable solution until sometime after the holiday. It sucks being alone during the holidays.. perhaps I can pretend that I’m not and it’s just my lack of phone service that kept the wishes from pouring in. I’ll do my best not to choke or do anything else that may require the need to dial 911.

Do consumers like myself have any recourse from events like this?? I’m not looking for any financial gain ( except for a credit of this months service of course) however I feel like this company should be publicly shamed for such horrific service. How is it that as a new customer I would have to wait weeks for a connection but wires can disconnect from a pole within a matter of minutes when the order for cancellation was never even given by me in the first place?

And if it’s worth mentioning.. I have never been late paying my 115.34 monthly bill…. ever.

We think that if your cable is accidentally disconnected you should really jump to the front of the line. Maybe TWC’s executive customer service crew can think of some way to make it up to you.


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  1. catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

    personally, i’d be using this time to contact other providers, if there are any in the area, and ask them to provide service sooner and less expensively.
    and if so, is it possible to port over your home number?

    good luck!

  2. Dondegroovily says:

    Maybe it’s time to look for a new phone, internet and TV provider (If there are no local phone choices, switch to mobile phone.)

    • JamesEnsor says:


      She should look into AT&T. My wife and I switched to them when TWC first started the chatter about metered broadband usage back in the day and haven’t looked back since.

  3. StatusfriedCrustomer says:

    This is a rarely discussed reason why “Triple Play” and other all-in-one bundles from one company are risky business. If one service fails, they all do. With 2-3 different providers, if your TV fails you can still use your internet or if your internet fails you can still make a phone call.

    • AJ_Syrinx says:

      I agree. Screw the bundles! Single point of failure…

    • TurnkeyDB says:

      I have to disagree. We have internet and cable tv through Comsuck and, while we’ve had occasional issues with our internet service, I’ve never seen the cable tv go out ever. Maybe having the 3rd service with the phone is the magic trifecta.

  4. echovictorecho says:

    Poor thing. Best of luck and don’t go near Omegle.

  5. WagTheDog says:

    Whenever I read “TWC” on this site my brain hears “The Weather Channel”

  6. Chinchillazilla says:

    The phone thing is not just cruel, it’s dangerous. Definitely shop around ASAP. Tell other companies your “sob story” and they may just step up and help you before Christmas.

  7. MSchott says:

    Speaking of Time Warner Cable shenanigans, does anyone know what’s going on between Fox and TWC? There have several mudslinging ads from both companies on the local (Dallas) channels about the expiration of Fox’s contract with TWC on December 31st.

  8. H3ion says:

    I don’t know where the OP is but if Verizon Fios is available, it’s worth it. Phone, data and television and they all work well. If it hits the fan (as it tends to do occasionally in the DC area when someone sees a snowflake) a cell phone is a good backup/primary. You can get pay as you go service without a contract.

  9. mythago says:

    I see that TWC is not going to give an inch to its competitor, Comcast, in the stupid fuckup department.

  10. LESSTHANKIND says:

    A couple of years ago, TWC also left me without internet and cable for a week over the holidays. And each time I called, they tried to sell me their phone service. To which I replied, every time, that had I ever taken them up on that offer, I wouldn’t have a phone for a week either. They didn’t get it.

    I bought one of those government coupon converter boxes for use in case of cable outages, and found it worked really well. But since I switched from TWC to RCN a few months ago, there hasn’t been one cable or internet problem. Such a dramatic change from TWC, which had problems every other day. I’m also enjoying MUCH faster internet and more channels… for $40 a month less. Marisa’s story is all too familiar (happened to me more times than I can count), and I’m so glad Time Warner is no longer a part of my life.

    • bigring55t says:

      Man oh man, when I lived in Manhattan and they wired my building up with RCN I couldn’t wait to switch. This was 6 or 7 years ago. Best Service Ever. Saddest day of my life was having to go back to TWC, when we moved to Brooklyn.

      • LESSTHANKIND says:

        Yeah, like 12 yrs ago I escaped TWC for 3+ yrs when my building super let me put a DirecTV dish on the roof. Then the landlord found out and made me take it down. Going back to TWC was like going back to prison. Only reason I even stayed with TWC this long is because RCN didn’t offer the MLB Extra Innings package. They couldn’t tell me if they ever would, so I signed a 2-yr contract with TWC for the discounts. When that ran out, the price went sky-high, and since RCN now offers the MLB package, I fled. Couldn’t be happier. You’re right… best service ever.

  11. M-D says:

    We think that if your cable is accidentally disconnected you should really jump to the front of the line. Maybe TWC’s executive customer service crew can think of some way to make it up to you.

    Not to sound overly snarky, but with no phone or internet, how would she REACH TWC’s executive customer service crew?

  12. DancesWithBadgers says:

    Hmm as a former employee while I won’t make any guesses on why it was disconnected in error I will say that usually in such a case we would get someone back out within 24 hours to reconnect at the pole. The phone is usually a problem though and may take longer to reactivate from our end but cable/internet should be simple enough just need an available tech.
    Also, we very rarely gave out last names, typically only supervisors would do so if some problem required them to interact with a customer.

  13. scoosdad says:

    Most cities and towns have someone in local government who oversees relations with the cable provider and can act as a go-to person in situations like this. Clearly this was not your fault and you shouldn’t have to wait a week or more to get their error fixed. Call city hall on Monday and see if there’s someone there who has a direct line into the local Time Warner office that can get things done. We have that here where I live and sometimes the results are amazing.

    • humphrmi says:

      Agreed, I used this resource at my village hall one time and turned a week outage into service the same day by complaining to the cable commissioner. He called the head of the cable company directly, and I had a call back from him the same day, and later that day a cable truck pulled up to my apartment.

      The catch is that, at least in my village, they only control cable T.V. and phone service – not internet. So you have to have one of those go out in order to get the village to help. Which would apply in this case.

  14. Sinful Josh says:

    I have worked for TWC and when this has happened we were able to push it to an emergency appt. Sometimes would be that day and most the time would be the next day. I dont see why they couldnt do this. It was called a disconnect in error. (mostly happened on a transfer that got pushed back. or duplex units.

  15. glorpy says:

    Do not reorder service as that entails all sorts of lovely fees. You need to force them to itemize every fee on the phone and steadfastly refuse any of those one-time fees associated with service initiation.

    They screwed up and they need to eat their own fees, even if on paper it does look like a new service order.

  16. LESSTHANKIND says:

    HA, and I also remember the time I ordered the MLB Extra Innings package from TWC to be billed in 4 installments. Then I get a bill for like $800 because they billed me for FOUR PACKAGES instead.

    And the time I moved, after paying three of the four MLB Extra Innings payments, and they started billing me again from payment one, refusing to accept that three payments had already been made and telling me they couldn’t fix it because when you move, a new account is opened and it can’t be linked to the old one for billing continuity. That took 3 months to sort out. Hahaha, good times. I have too many of these TWC horror/stupidity stories to count, so I should probably stop. I’m SO GLAD they’re in my past!

  17. GearheadGeek says:

    Wow… what market was this?

    I JUST set up TWC for my partner’s parents (it’s the only viable option for broadband where they are) and today (Saturday) the install appointment was for Monday morning. This is in a small Texas city. Of course it remains to be seen whether they’ll a) show up promptly and b) get everything working right the first try, but I’m trying to be hopeful. We didn’t screw with their phone service, even though their phone company won’t provide DSL to their house, it just seemed like asking for trouble to risk the phone as well as the video.

  18. Derek Balling says:

    This sounds like a job for the utility commission (Sometimes called the PSC for Public Service Commission, or PUC for Public Utilities Commission). Explain to THEM that TWC screwed you over, and watch them kick ass and take names with your provider all on your behalf.

    Having worked at a CLEC a long time ago, I can tell you that the providers take it seriously when the PUC gives them a call. There were highly-experienced CSRs *dedicated* to taking calls from the PUC, and their mantra was basically “do whatever the PUC says” so as to avoid being fined.

  19. Homerpalooza says:

    I’m glad this post is here. I hadn’t thought about the ramifications of what happens if I lose my internet before. I currently use it for paying bills, e-mail, online banking, etc. Losing phone also would be terrible, although I do have a cell phone.

    I hadn’t really thought about “the backup plan” if something like this happened. I do know that there are ways to “tether” your cell phone and utilize it as internet also.

    My TV was in repair for 3 months about 3-4 years ago. I was upset at first at how long it took. Then realized it was a gift. Get a cell phone, use it’s internet, and be free of TWC.

    • ahleeeshah says:

      Provided your phone has the option to tether and your provider allows it, it works great. When my boyfriend and I moved in together we didn’t have internet for about a week or so. He would just hook the phone up to the computer and we got pretty decent speeds out of it.

  20. ian.adrift says:

    That’s so messed up. I worked for time warner for a little over a year (probably a different division than yours) but we ALWAYS were able to have a technician out within 24 hours for an all services out issue like that. ESPECIALLY if it was TWC error. Sucks man.

    We never gave out last names though, that’s not unusual. If you call back, they can find out exactly who you talked to, it’s all tracked and stored.