TracFone Offers Delightfully Competent Customer Service

Perhaps Greg is just lucky. Or it could be that TracFone’s customer service has improved quite a bit since we posted their executive customer service number a little over a year ago. Whatever the case might be, Greg had an unexpectedly hassle-free experience with the prepaid mobile phone provider, and wanted to let Consumerist know about it.

I recently ordered a New TracFone for New service and had quite a time getting it activated. Once the phone was active I immediately started receiving solicitor calls and calls asking for other persons that were not me as well as text messages that also were not for me.

The interesting thing was I had not even given the number out to anyone. I finally shut the phone off as I did not want to be bothered by calls and text messages that were not for me. The next day I called TracFone and told them the situation.

They apologized and after a brief conversation they gave me a new number which was active inside of 10 minutes.

So far I have not had the same problem. However I then realized that I had used almost 40 minutes of airtime dealing with this issue and having to re-setup my VM for my new number. (Yes, setting up your VM for the first time and calling it to check messages uses airtime).

So I called TracFone support again and explained the situation to them and they again apologized and gave me 40 minutes of Free airtime for my troubles. I did not even have to ask for it. Inside of 10 minutes after the brief call to support my phone updated with the additional minutes.

Just goes to show that not all companies are out to get you.

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