E. Coli Vaccine Could Make It Safer To Be A Meatatarian

E. coli, your future is looking as bleak as the Pittsburgh Steelers’ playoff chances because a vaccine has overcome some governmental hurdles to enter testing. If approved, the vaccine could stop e. coli from finding its way into 65 to 75 percent of animals, the New York Times reports:

The test has been a long time coming. Bureaucratic delays in Washington stalled the arrival of the vaccines for years, even as people continued to become sick and die from eating tainted beef. And now, even if the vaccines prove successful in the ambitious tests that are just getting under way, they face an uncertain future as farmers and feedlot owners worry about who will pick up the extra cost.

“I hope it works,” (rancher Jason) Timmerman said. “It probably won’t be so good for my pocketbook directly, but it’ll probably be good for the industry.”

That, as well as the fact that vegetables are disgusting unless slathered with salad dressing, is another reason to avoid the vegitarianism siren call.

After Delays, Vaccine to Counter Bad Beef Is Being Tested [New York Times]
(Thanks, NORMLgirl!)