Buy A New Printer When You Run Out Of Ink

If you’re sick of the high cost of toner, and don’t want to deal with messy refill kits or off-brand versions, here’s a great way to save cash and help struggling manufacturers at the same time: Just buy a new printer every time you run low on ink. Sure, you’ll have a house full of printers in no time, but you can always donate those to Goodwill, or to the local landfill.

Reddit commenter residentskitz needed some ink, and found that a refill of black and color cartridges for a Lexmark printer would come to about $42. And two cartridges for a new Canon would run about $38. But a quick trip to Walmart yielded a new Canon printer, with two ink cartridges included, for $30. “Then I remembered why I have 3 other printers sitting at home with no ink,” residentskitz posted. “It’s cheaper to buy a new printer than to buy new ink.”

We’re not sure this is the case across-the-board, and we know that some printers come with “sample” ink cartridges that don’t print as many pages as the full-price ones. But this may be the right excuse to ditch that old inkjet sitting in the home office and get a shiny new model without the guilt.

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