Sprint Fee Increase Is Your Chance To Escape Without Early Termination Fee

Sprint has confirmed they will increase monthly regulatory fees from $.20 to $.40 on January 1st, creating an opportunity for customers to drop their contracts without incurring an early termination fee, which could save you up to $200.

You will have to cancel between Jan 1, 2010, when the fee goes into effect, and Jan 31, 2010.

When you call customer service, they will ask you why you are cancelling. They will try to get you to say you are unhappy with some aspect of the service. You need to stick fast to your guns and insist, no matter what, that the only reason you are cancelling is because you are rejecting this materially adverse change in contract terms and conditions.

Sprint’s early termination fee is $200 for customers who signed up before Nov. 2, 2008. For customers who signed up after that date, the early termination fee decreases by a $10 every month after the 4th month, though it never drops below $50. Sprint’s ETF chart illustrates this.

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