Why You Should Read The Fine Print On E-Deals

Wisebread’s Elizabeth Sanberg posts about an Amazon deal that offers a free subscription to Wired magazine if you spend $75 on certain electronics.

Sanberg wasn’t interested in the subscription, which is why she was happy to find out that she could opt out in exchange for a $10 refund. An excerpt from Amazon’s follow-up email to her:

Terms and Conditions:

This subscription is included as part of the qualifying purchase(s) you made in the last 1-2 weeks in the Amazon.com Consumer Electronics Store.

If you do not wish to receive the subscription, you may receive a refund for the stated value ($10.00) [emphasis added]. To obtain this refund, please print and send a completed copy of the Online Form with a copy of your Amazon.com order confirmation to the address noted on the form. Please mail within 4 weeks from the date you received this e-mail.

Sanberg also spotted some terms and conditions that explain why others who made a similar purchase wouldn’t have received the opt-out note:

If you have opted out of receiving marketing emails from Amazon, you will not get the email notification for this offer. If you still want to take advantage of this offer, please update your communication settings located in “Your Account”.

You never know what you’ll miss if you just gloss over fine print. Taking a few extra seconds to look things over can put money in your pocket.

Free $10 on Amazon (or Why to Read Fine Print) [Wisebread]

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