Comcast Sicced Collections On Me Before My Bill Was Due

Dan says he’s feeling a bit untrusted by Comcast, which has released the collection agency hounds on him, despite his bill’s due date still being a ways off.

He writes:

I canceled Comcast at the beginning of October.

When I returned my cable box I was told that I would received an adjusted bill for $44.05.

When I had only received unadjusted bills for much more by mid November I called.

They said the adjusted bill was in the mail and not to pay until I got it.

When it arrived it was dated November 27 and said the payment due date was December 12.

On December 7 I received a collection notice from Credit Protection Association L.P.

They sent it to a collection agency before the bill was due.

Has this happened to anyone else? The over-aggressive bill collection method seems to be a pretty effective way of burning bridges.

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