Dan Brown Haunts DirecTV DVRs With Unwanted Movie Rentals

If you own a DirecTV DVR, did you receive a mysterious, unwanted rental of “Angels and Demons” this weekend? Readers Jeff and Catastrophegirl did, and they have a warning: Don’t watch it! It’s a trap!

The rogue rental is there because of a glitch, and you will not be charged unless you actually select and view it. Catastrophegirl e-mailed the company, and received this response:

I do apologize for the trouble. For your reference, “Angels and Demons” is being downloaded to receivers automatically in error. If you do not want to watch this movie, please press the RED “delete” button to delete it from your playlist. If you choose to watch this movie, you will be charged. Furthermore, our Engineering Team is aware of the issue and is working to resolve it as soon as possible.

Thanks again for writing and for letting me respond to your concern.


Karen D.
DIRECTV Customer Service

We can’t help but wonder how many customers will see this and think “hey, free movie!”


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