Never Embarrass Yourself Trying To Unscrew A Wine Bottle Again

The horrible thing about screw-cap bottles of wine, says the website, is that they suck all the romance out of bottle opening. But lucky you! “The Butterflyâ„¢ solves that by flawlessly and expediently opening any screw cap bottle while retaining the elegance of traditional wine service.”

It lets you tell your date, “I like to buy pointless junk.” It also lets restaurateurs perform an uncorking fake-out on their guests, although if those guests later notice the threaded top of the bottle they may have some questions.

The product was “designed for keeping the romance alive,” as you can see in this amazing demonstration video. In fact, please watch the video. You may learn a thing or two about bottle opening that you never knew before.

Most pointless product ever? A bottle opener for screwcaps [Dr. Vino]

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