Never Embarrass Yourself Trying To Unscrew A Wine Bottle Again

The horrible thing about screw-cap bottles of wine, says the website, is that they suck all the romance out of bottle opening. But lucky you! “The Butterflyâ„¢ solves that by flawlessly and expediently opening any screw cap bottle while retaining the elegance of traditional wine service.”

It lets you tell your date, “I like to buy pointless junk.” It also lets restaurateurs perform an uncorking fake-out on their guests, although if those guests later notice the threaded top of the bottle they may have some questions.

The product was “designed for keeping the romance alive,” as you can see in this amazing demonstration video. In fact, please watch the video. You may learn a thing or two about bottle opening that you never knew before.

Most pointless product ever? A bottle opener for screwcaps [Dr. Vino]


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  1. Saites says:

    Isn’t it the advantage of a screw cap that you don’t need a bottle-opener?

  2. H3ion says:

    This just has to be a Sharper Image product. Either that or Walmart. You can probably accomplish the same result with a Crescent wrench and also use the wrench for something useful.

    • EdnaLegume says:

      yes, because nothing says romance like a crescent wrench.

    • absentmindedjwc says:

      if it were sharper image, pushing down the wings would have secured the cap AND unscrewed it… considering you have to look like a jackass and unscrew the whole thing, I judge this to be Chinese made crap.

  3. fs2k2isfun says:

    So that’s what I’ve been doing wrong all these years!

  4. 47ka says:

    Ironically, there are those who argue that the Stelvin closures are better for preserving wine than corks, which can corrupt the drink. Then there are those who say that the cork is essential for aging the wine. So go figure.

    • krista says:

      Most wines don’t need “aging” and a regular cork can fail about 10% of the time. The screw cap is much better for regular table wine. Now that some decent wine is available in the box from the unpretentious Australians, that’s usually how I buy it. No oxygen means the wine will keep several weeks after it’s opened. And my city doesn’t recycle glass anymore, so the packaging is much more environmentally friendly. Plus, I don’t really see exactly how much I’m drinking. Win-win-win :D

      • Eyebrows McGee (now with double the baby!) says:

        I’ve started shying away from wines I know have corks when I’m just getting something to go with a regular dinner … I’d rather have a screw cap or one of those synthetic corks. Mostly a screw cap.

        I’m good at opening corks, even with a “traditional” corkscrew, but it’s just adds a step of unnecessary hassle. And my husband’s awful at it. :)

  5. Tim says:

    Okay, I actually watched the video. Painful.

    But the worst part is that there’s still twisting action involved. Basically, you put the doohickey on the bottle and twist the top of it just like you would twist … the screw cap.

    Anyway, I’m a fan of screw caps, personally. Anybody else remember knocking on every door in your dorm hall looking for something that can remove a cork? Good times, good times.

    • ElizabethD says:

      Oh yeah. I remember once pulverizing the damn cork with a paring knife and then having to strain the wine through a … shirt? something like that. Hey, whatever worked.

    • johnnya2 says:

      You must have gone to one of those high falutin schools where you drank corked wine. We had Strawberry Boones Farm and Mad Dog 2020 that screwed off. I’ll stop now, I think i am getting a memory hangover

    • krista says:

      All you need is a cordless drill and big screw. Then a pair of pliers and a strong guy. Or take it down to the science lab and freeze it in liquid nitrogen, and the cork pops right out. Not that I’ve ever tried that.

      • henrygates3 says:

        Got you beat, I’ve done it just with a single screw. Screw into cork by hand, use counter edge as leverage to pull out cork.

  6. David in Brasil says:

    Me? I’ve got some class. I always buy the best box of wine that the nearby Texaco station has. How does one of these gizmos work with that?

  7. sonneillon says:

    Well if team America has shown over and over, we will buy stupid stuff. This is the next million dollar invention.

  8. bainelaker says:

    Boone’s Farm shall now be known as Boone’s Estate.

  9. MikeM_inMD says:

    If you’re date/guests are so hung up on that ceremony and don’t notice the twist top, you might want to find more intelligent people to be with.

  10. ElizabethD says:

    If you like this great gift idea, I have a pet rock I’d like to show you….

  11. Joel The Great says:

    I know nothing about wine, and I think $25 for something like that is rather retarded. BUT. If I were to be able to get one cheaper, as a gift, whatever. I think it would make opening bottles of my 2009 collection of Pepsi a more romantic experience. Plus everyone would have a good laugh.

    If you all donate to me, I’ll buy one, and test it on other bottles of things besides wine. I wonder if it work on those horrible plastic bottles of cheap vodka.

  12. says:

    The fact that this exists is a sign that China really has taken over.

  13. Cantras says:

    You know, I could see this, except that you still do the twisting. If they made it so that it had a little vice-grippy switch in the back to grab the cap, and pulling the wings down activated a twisting mechanism — that’d actually be cool. I could see people paying significantly more for that, because it could hide that it was a screwtop, if the people weren’t keeping the bottle and weren’t particularly observant.

  14. Lowcifur says:

    Does it work on boxed wine?

  15. newsbunny says:

    I’ve always thought wine openers of this style looked like little alien men.

    Anyone else?