Minnesota: Not Serving Personal Mobility Scooters At The Drive-Thru Is OK

Back in June a woman in a personal mobility scooter rolled up the drive-thru at a St. Paul White Castle and was refused service because she wasn’t in a car. The drive-thru was the only part of the restaurant that was open — so she decided to complain to the Minnesota Department of Human Rights. And she lost.

From the Minneapolis Star-Tribune:

White Castle maintained that its staff was only trying to protect Wade from getting hit by a car. In October, the human rights department agreed and concluded the refusal of service wasn’t discrimination.

Apparently the complaint has caused quite an ordeal for the woman.

“Some people have been supportive about it,” she said. “Others have made me a mockery and tell me that I’m taking advantage of the system, because I’m handicapped and that I’m trying to receive special services. No, I’m just wanting a business to abide by the laws.”

She’s decided not to pursue the matter any further, however.

State: White Castle didn’t discriminate against spurned customer [Star-Tribune]

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