General Mills To Axe Product Lines, Won't Say Which

General Mills announced a chilling statement as it announced it will spend $24.1 million in restructuring expenses this quarter.

The message, as reported on NASDAQ’s company news lineup:

The packaged food maker is discontinuing, not selling, the product lines, said spokeswoman Heidi Geller. The company declined to name specific products that are being cut, but Geller said the lines that will be affected are small and that the company is cutting some product lines within brands and not entire brands.

Can you read between the lines? The spokeswoman’s last name is “Geller,” which is not unlike “Gellar,” as in “Sarah Michelle,” as in, gulp, Vampire Slayer, as in, wait for it…

The possible death of the beloved Count Chocula?!?

Please, General Mills, don’t do it. Especially not in this day and age of the glittery vampire hegemony of Twilight. Take Franken Berry if you must, but leave the Count alone.

Which General Mills product are you terrified may be on the chopping block?

2nd UPDATE:General Mills To End Some Products;Sees 2Q Charges [NASDAQ]
(Thanks, NORMLgirl!)