Consumerist Friday Flickr Finds

Here are eight wonderful photos readers added to The Consumerist Flickr Pool this week, picked for neatness and usability in a Consumerist post. Also, be sure to check out our new Photo Gallery to see the latest additions all week long!


by frankieleon

Flying Free

by nixter


by ashâ„¢


by Chris Rief aka Spodie Odie


by The Searcher


by Razor512


by Orignaux Moose

Our Flickr Pool is the place where Consumerist readers go and upload photos for possible use in future Consumerist posts. Just be a registered Flickr user, go here, and click “Join Group?” up on the top right, and start hitting “send to group” on your individual photos you want to add to the pool.

Note that if you want them to have a shot at ending up on the Consumerist Friday post, you’ll need to open up your sharing settings on your Flickr account so we can grab the HTML from the “Share This” tab. Sorry, but that’s the only way to get Flickr and Consumerist to play with each other.

Add your shots to The Consumerist Flickr Pool, and perhaps they’ll get featured in a future story, or even highlighted in a Friday Consumerist Flickr Pool Finds post. See previous winners of the Friday Consumerist Flickr Pool finds here.


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  1. Cantras says:


    What is that thing, second from bottom, Razor512?

    • Paladin_11 says:

      That’s a screw at the bottom, insulating plastic around it, with rolls and rolls of copper wire up above. I imagine it’s got a ferrous core, which would make this some type of electromagnet. Perhaps as part of a relay?

    • Rectilinear Propagation says:

      It really *does* look like something awful is about to happen to someone’s eye.

  2. Paladin_11 says:

    In God we trust…all others pay cash!

  3. ohenry says:

    Santa credit card is sad :(

    Some naughty boy is getting an interest raise for Christmas!!

  4. DangerMouth says:

    I love the new photo tab, thanks!

    Aryll, that cake is awesome!

  5. alternety says:

    Re: Razor512 – That’s a yoke son.

  6. SaraFimm says:

    Anyone ever notice the directions of the eyes of the guys on Frankieleon’s first photo in the lineup? It looks like the two guys on the left are looking at each other and the third is looking forwards while the ghost of Ebenezer Scrooge’s business partner Jacob Marley watches all three of them. (Knew those three were up to no good! Get ’em Marley!)

  7. Keep talking...I'm listening says:

    The credit card guy is awesome! Two thumbs up

  8. Duckula22 says:

    OMG! I haven’t ever seen in the “Consumerist Friday Flickr Finds” an American currency note close up before.

  9. Rectilinear Propagation says:

    Is it me or does the second dude in the first photo look kinda pissed?