Reach American Airlines Customer Service

American Airlines unpublished customer service number is 817-963-1234. Press 00 and say “agent” to get an operator. Don’t press 3, because that’s just a trick.


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  1. TVarmy says:

    Andy Kaufman is in charge of AA’s customer service? Explains a lot.

  2. klwillis45 says:

    Is David Berkowitiz in the ad to promote their killer deals?

  3. idip says:

    Did anyone else notice the new Time Warner Cable commercials?

    “I am Time Warner Cable”


    “Yo soy Time Warner Cable”.

  4. SecretAgentWoman says:

    I couldn’t help myself, I just had to call and press “3”…and now I can’t find my cat! Damn you, American Airlines!

  5. Hawkins says:

    When saying “agent,” it helps if you scream it. Like four times.

    Also, when the robot says, “Before I connect you, is this about travel entirely within the United States?”, it will connect you more quickly if you yell “Just connect me to a fucking human!” as loudly as possible.

    I know these things because this is how I usually end up communicating with their voice-recognition software.

  6. enabler says:

    On select transatlantic flights, Richard Harris used to put on a red blazer and perform “MacArthur Park” for the first class passengers.

  7. StarVapor says:

    Trying to hide access to your customer service…is certainly not a valid form of customer service.

  8. INsano says:

    Seems like there is a James Bond joke somewhere.

  9. Patriot says:

    I wonder whatever happened to Emil Sokol. That ad is from 1976.

  10. CTAUGUST says:

    I LOVE when the Consumerist or other sites post information like this. I can’t believe how some companies make it their goal to keep customers from getting to live employees.

    That said, I give it a few days before American Airlines sees this and reprograms their phone system to disable it.