Outraged By Credit Card Companies Tricks? Let ’em Know If you’re fed up with your credit card company hitting you with more fees, higher APRs, and increased minimum payments, let them know. Consumers Union has set up a site where you can send messages to the biggest credit card companies telling them to cut out the sneaky crap and stop opposing credit card reform legislation. [Consumer Reports Money]


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  1. AlexandraMaguffin says:

    [from jump] >>>The gist: If they don’t voluntarily freeze interest rates immediately, we’ll just stop using their cards.

    With credit scores and history being tied to just about everything these days, the CC companies will call your bluff on this faster than you can post your next blog entry.

  2. floraposte says:

    Small but audacious: Chase Freedom just restructured its rewards program, and it’s got a 3% Holiday Cash Back program in which card users must enroll to be eligible. Under Terms and Conditions, it says: “Applicable terms will be disclosed upon enrollment.”

    You can’t know what you’re signing up for until after you’ve signed up. Classy.

  3. davere says:

    I think they are shooting themselves in the foot. As soon as people pay the cards off, or default on them, they will simply stop using them completely or start paying them off in full each month.

    Many people will have a few rough months/years, but once their debt is taken care of, I doubt most will fall back into the trap anymore.

    They couldn’t leave good enough alone. Greed took the best of them.

  4. diasdiem says:

    What’s the electronic equivalent of a sock full of wet horse manure to the side of the face?

    • KyleOrton says:

      That’s the problem with you kids these days. You want a clean electronic equivalent.

      Back in my day the equivalent of a sock of wet horse manure in the face was A SOCK OF WET HORSE MANURE IN THE FACE. Well, maybe cow manure would be close enough.

  5. dolemite says:

    I just used that form to send a letter. My citibank card’s rate just went up 50% over what it is now, without explanation or reason. I can avoid this if I spend $750 a month on the card (lol 1/3 of that would be more than I can rationalize). I’ve had the card 15 years, never missed a payment, and have around a 750 credit score. Basically my plan is to go to the snowball method of paying off this card, then move onto the other debt. I won’t be using the card for any purchases in the future, probably not even after it is paid off. Not sure how this is going to make them any money. Sure, they will see a slight bump in money from me until I can pay it off, in interest fees, but they will lose all the money they get from merchants from purchases I was making per month, and once it is paid off, they will make 0% profit on me.

    • NeverLetMeDown says:

      They’re willing to make the tradeoff of losing potential future revenue from you in order to ensure that they’ll be more certain to get their money back now.

  6. H3ion says:

    No need to write a letter since it appears that the credit companies have found an honest legislator in Sen Cochran (one who when bought stays bought). If people would either stop using cards or use them but pay them off in full each month, the credit card companies will have to modify their practices. It’s simply supply and demand. Although I would be that the credit card companies will start charging fees to people who pay off their account each month. When that happens, I go back to carrying a checkbook.

  7. dwb says:

    I don’t think the credit card companies are worried at all about what we think of them. Surely they know credit card use has become so entrenched in our culture that we can’t threaten them. There will always be millions of people out there who will continue to use their cards and bow to their demands.

    • Strausy says:

      Exactly, millions of people don’t care and just use them anyway. The companies don’t care what you think either.

  8. MisterE says:

    Screw my credit report. I’m canceling all but one.

  9. KyleOrton says:

    Just give me the email addresses. I can spell f%*&, goat, whore and shove just fine. No need for a form letter complaint.