Singing Viking Mom Gets Volvo To Investigate Car

It looks like absolute victory could be around the corner for Freya Svensson, the unhappy Volvo owner who turned to the internet, especially videos of herself singing and wearing a viking hat, to shame the car company into replacing her faulty transmission.

One of her latest posts says she got a call from Bill Casey at Volvo Customer Care who is sending out a special engineer on December 9th to scrutinize her car and records and figure out what’s going on. “Volvo recognizes it’s an issue that I have so many problems with my car, despite following recommended service schedules and Dealer suggested repairs, over the years,” wrote Freya of the call.

Excellent. We look forward to hearing the results.

In addition, Freya shares the following for Volvo/Ford Fauxvo owners who are not getting the proper mechanical support from their dealers:

“Contact 1-800-458-1552 or email Volvo Customer Care. In your message, mention Bill Casey’s name, and that will be a flag for him to review your case.”

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