More Morning Deals

We’ve received a lot more Cyber Monday tips since the Morning Deals post went up, so here’s another look at some bargains, most of which are good for today only.

  • [Apparel] Free 2-day shipping on all US orders until midnight.
  • Martin and Osa: [Apparel] 25% off + free shipping with coupon code 15216889
  • GAP: [Apparel] 20% off entire purchase + free shipping with coupon code MONDAY
  • DSW: [Apparel] 25% off entire purchase with coupon code SAVE25
  • Barnes & Noble: [Books] 50% off all NY Times bestsellers, 50-60% off select DVDs and TV Box Sets. Members use coupon code P7H8D9N for additional 15% off
  • St. Jude Gift Store: [Gifts] 10-40% all items with coupon code STJSPECIAL09
  • Toys R Us: [Toys & Hobbies] Toys “R” Us Cyber Monday Sale: Up to 75% off + $10 off $60 (updated)
  • [Cyber Monday] Cyber Monday Sale: Extra 10% off toys + free shipping, more
  • Bath and Body Works: [Smelly Stuff] 25% off with coupon code CYBERMONDAY
  • ProBargainHunter: [Deals Aggregator] Buxr’s Cyber Monday round-up of deals from various retailers

If you find other good Cyber Monday deals, add them in the comments below, or send them to with the subject line morning deals.

(Thanks to PecanPi and Audrey!)


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  1. Eyebrows McGee (now with double the baby!) says:

    Old Navy and Target both have some pretty good online deals in their maternity sections. Last year I outfitted myself for most of the pregnancy on Cyber Monday. :D I checked today, and I didn’t find anything as awesome as my $10 pregnancy fleece jacket, but there’s some good deals.

  2. floraposte says:

    Ann Taylor has 40% off your entire purchase + free shipping over $100 with coupon code MONDAY.

  3. aka_mich says:

    Good news, I’m getting a “500 – Internal Server Error / Sorry, this page cannot be displayed” trying to browse any of Old Navy’s mens stuff off that link.

  4. Darrone says:

    Just bought a 33 dollar bike for a 4 year old, and 2 action figures with a radio controlled car, spent 54 dollars. This kid is going to be stoked.

  5. nbs2 says:

    And don’t forget, the proceeds from the St. Jude store actually go to St. Jude’s (or is that St. Judes?). Unlike certain other scammy charity sales we hear about on occasion.

  6. pecan 3.14159265 says:

    The St. Jude offer goes until Dec. 2, btw.

  7. Matt says:

    The company I work for is giving 40% off your entire online order today.

  8. Smashville says: is offering free jersey customization today. It’s usually around 79.99 or something like that…so…yeah.

  9. ElizabethD says:

    LOL @ Bath and Body Works = (smelly stuff)

    My husband agrees with you.

  10. NotYou007 says:

    I just saved $73.50 because Best Buy has the Blu-Ray player I purchased 10 days ago on sale for $129.99 on their web site and since their web site said “”Not Available for Shipping”” they refunded me the difference without any hassel at all and people say Best Buy sucks. I must say that today Best Buy made me very happy.

  11. probablykate says:

    Here’s a list of good deals from companies that met a high standard of social and environmental responsibility (not just cyber monday, for the whole holiday season)

  12. ElizabethD says:

    Thanks for the Martin and Osa deal. Got some great Christmas gifts for daughter and niece.

  13. LiveCheap says:

    Seemed like the CyberMonday deals from and Walmart were pretty lame. Maybe for the clothing retailers and Best Buy were decent. GNC had a really good sale too, but for the big retailers, it was weak. For DVDs/Blu-rays Amazon’s prices were much higher than Black Friday Week. DVDs were going for $2 last week but they were $5 or more this week. Blu-rays were $8 last week and most were $10 or more today.

    Also, went to buy a Dell Mini10 and went to the product within 1 minute of it being available and it was not there anymore. Sold out in a minute! Kinda like the cheap car in the paper, you show up and its already gone…..

    Wrote an article on some other price issues at

    I really love, but they pulled some interesting tactics with pricing that were a bit of a concern.

  14. cerbie_the_orphan says:
    Way more adorable than those deals :)

    Moving along…