Buy A Mattress, Get A Free Video Camera

A few weeks ago, Macy’s ran this somewhat mystifying promotion. Simple enough: Buy a mattress, get a free video camera via mail-in rebate.

It’s interesting to see a department store modern enough to openly market to aspiring amateur porn stars.


You know it’s an authentic Macy’s promotion because the fine print is much longer than the ad itself.

Get a bonus Sony Webbie HD camera!
[Macy’s] (Thanks, Walter!)

(Photo: Duchamp)


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  1. The Marionette says:

    Errrmm…. I don’t get it. Is the ad just misleading?

    • JediJohn82 says:

      No, it’s just strange to pair a mattress and a video camera in the same deal. A more ordinary promotion would be something that goes together like say: buy a mattress and get a free sheet set.

      • Copper says:

        They did it for the folks who want to make their own porn. Makes perfect sense.

      • The Marionette says:

        ah ok. I still don’t think it’s odd to do that. I’ve heard people talking about this camera a lot and figured maybe they just threw it in because of that.

  2. CaptZ says:

    Not misleading….just an odd giveaway with a matress purchase. I kind of like it…..but then again I like that sort of thing.

  3. wvFrugan says:

    Personally I’m waiting for the mattress/butcher knife/bleach combo as is so popular on TV. Add a spray bottle of luminal and you’ve got a sale!

  4. burquedude says:

    How about this sale: “Buy one mattress get a can of of gas and some matches for free.”

  5. Eldritch says:

    ::scratches head:: Huh. Well, maybe they… no. Hmm. That’s just… I mean… I’m sorry, I’m getting a mental 404 error, logic not found.

    Today, this is going to be my “if it wasn’t for my horse, I wouldn’t have spent that year in college”…

  6. G.O.B.: Come on! says:

    Hey, Macy’s did something right.

  7. Coles_Law says:

    It also includes a mail-in rebate for horrible lighting and a YouTube account with the name “HotDrEaMzZzZ”

  8. catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

    “offer is void where prohibited by law”… i wonder if the ink is still wet on some of those laws

  9. jeffbone says:

    Maybe they should have offered a voucher good for payment of one parking ticket.

  10. barfoo says:

    Makes sense to me. A mattress is where you make babies, and almost no one likes to make home movies more than new parents…

  11. GuyGuidoEyesSteveDaveâ„¢ says:

    I like this promotion. Why didn’t anyone tell me. I like cameras….

  12. Hammy says:

    This is called the Hollywood promotion. Buy a mattress and get a free video camera…perfect for making your own “home videos” and getting your 15 minutes of fame. Buy Now!!!

  13. feckingmorons says:

    I see nothing wrong with the advertisement. It spells out clearly what mattresses are included, what happens if you return the mattress, that it will not send the camera to post office boxes, and a standard disclaimer about things lost in the mail. It also provides two methods of contacting the firm handling the logistics of the promotion – admirable in and of itself.

    Why is this here? Are there not any consumer issues today?

  14. henrygates3 says:

    There’s nothing wrong with the ad, it’s just amusing, which is why it is here. Personally I think it’s just a result of a lazy marketing executive asked to pull off a promotion for mattresses and just went with whatever cheap deal their available vendors had.

  15. Mock says:

    And it is a WEB cam …. imagine the business opportunities here!

    Not only that, but free exposure/advertising for the mattress brand!

  16. mariospants says:

    I’m so used to these second-person Consumerist titles, I thought at first someone had purchased a mattress within which was found a hidden surveillance cam… Consumerist has taught me that not all titles are literal.

  17. Shadowfax says:

    Best second paragraph, ever, in a Consumerist article.

  18. Dethzilla says:

    I wonder if it also comes with a free 70’s por… errr… adult movie CD to use as background noise when you’re making video on your new mattress.

  19. bocababe says:

    Have you all lost your minds- if someone wants to give away something for free when you may need to purchase a mattress go for it. I had to buy a mattress anyway and now I am selling all my crap on ebay using this camera. Thanks Macy. P.S. I need a bedroom set can you throw in a TV,