20 Tips To Ready You For Black Friday

Budgets Are Sexy’s J. Money put together a list of 20 ways to prep yourself for Friday’s shopping frenzy. Here’s a taste of the post:

Shop Gladiator Style – You are going into sale war. You are a shopper on a mission – think of this day as the Olympics of shopping. Leave uninterested spouses and children at home and bring teenagers who can run fast. (Gladiator shoes not recommended.)

Do the Black Friday Google — Don’t have the time to go through the papers? Can’t remember who has what from the ads you saw on TV? Do the Black Friday Google. There are hundreds of websites with Black Friday sale information, like www.black-friday.net where you can peruse the latest sale ads and updates at all the stores. You can also go to your favorite store’s website for the sale skinny like www.target.com/blackfriday

Make Friends with an Associate — It’s the best way to get the inside scoop on everything. A day or two before Black Friday, check in with them. Often times, they have been briefed on the exact location of all the hottest items their store will be selling, and how many they have. They usually know the quickest way to get from one to department to another. Tell them what you’re after. Listen to their advice. Plan your strategy.

If you have any other hints or helpful Black Friday war stories, share them in the comments.

20 Black Friday Tips For Wacky Wednesday [Budgets Are Sexy]


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  1. mattarse says:

    My first and only blakc friday tip – Don’t
    And if you must, then carry a taser.

  2. pantheonoutcast says:

    When shopping has to be described as a “war” or a “battle,” perhaps tip 21 should be, “Re-organize your priorities; stay at home with a cup of coffee, a credit card, and your browser open to Amazon.com.”

    There is no consumer product at any store worth the hassle, time, aggravation, stress, or threat to your safety that shopping on Black Friday invariably brings. And if you must wait on line for 18 hours among the morass of “humanity” just to save $11 off a 52″ TV, maybe you shouldn’t be purchasing a big-ticket item in the first place.

    • Ragman says:

      I noticed in Walmart’s paper that some of those TVs in the 30/40 inch size are only 720p. If I’m getting something THAT big, it’s 1080 all the way. I’d be pissed if I got home with the $700 50″ Samsung and THEN found out it was only 720p.

      I didn’t go through every word, but it looks as if Walmart did NOT use the word “Doorbuster” in their BF ad this year.

  3. catnapped says:


    Online shopping, FTW

    No way in hell am I dealing with the brick and mortar savages

  4. Ragman says:

    Gladiator style! Take a cattle prod, stun guns, and 12v battery. Get one of the elec wheel chair carts and wire the batt in series with the cart’s batt to get extra voltage – the motors should last just long enough. Use the cattle prod like a jousting lance and have at them. Use the stun guns to repel boarders.

    And since you’re there, maybe even buy something on sale. Not saying you HAVE to…

  5. Andrew360 says:

    I saw some of the deal a little early thanks to Gizmodo.com (http://gizmodo.com/5409460/black-friday-deals-the-only-list-you-need?skyline=true&s=x), however I’m going to do the most shopping on Cyber-Monday from the comfort of my desk.

    I don’t really want to be trampled to death over a $150 BluRay player. Thanks, Best Buy, but I’ll pass.

  6. iblamehistory says:

    For some reason, and I can’t for the life of me figure out why, my husband and I love the shopping. We aren’t wealthy by any means so all we’re after are some nice blu rays or tv boxed sets, and possibly some clothes. It’s just… exciting? I don’t know either. ha.

    Then again, we’re also the ones who line up 8 hours before a concert. Need to get that spot on the barrier. It’s worth it, though, far more than any shopping trip.

  7. catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

    i’m not leaving my house until saturday.
    got my nightmare memories of a mountain of tickle me elmos [that i had to set up the night before] being dismantled by a mad rush and then eventually collapsing, sliding, crushed underfoot by the crowd WHILE STILL GIGGLING AND SHAKING HYSTERICALLY … [not to mention holiday barbies and tamagotchis]
    and i’m going to try to erase it by watching mythbusters and doctor who for the next two days.
    i don’t even drive PAST a mall black friday.

  8. tbax929 says:

    My girlfriend’s birthday is Friday, and she wants to go to dinner at Claim Jumper, right by the friggin mall. I said no way, Jose.

  9. Garbanzo says:

    I’ll avoid all retail outlets from now until mid-January to the maximum extent possible.

  10. smirkette says:

    Last year, Black Friday was so depressing (insane people, trashed stores) that my Mom and I have decided to stay home and plan our holiday baking instead. Even though we weren’t going for the big ticket items or door busters and weren’t there right when the store opened, we were still getting plowed over by people.

    Given that everyone in my family is grown up and doing okay financially, we’ve decided to do a secret Santa instead of everyone buying presents for everyone else. We don’t need the extra stuff and those of us who can are donating what would have been present money to our local food banks instead. It also saves having to ship stuff home after Christmas.

  11. StanTheManDean says:

    Buy from local vendors that offer steady prices all year long rather than purchasing products from vendors (online or big-box) that offer super prices 1 hour out of the year.

    Your average cost AND your blood pressure will be much lower.

  12. BillyDeeCT says:

    I refuse to buy into the entire Black Friday deal. Why not offer good pricing during the entire season? I’ll opt for online purchasing with all my goodies shipped to the office instead of becoming one of the drones in the mob o’ madness. I’ll spend the day with my friends enjoying a “day-after” Thanksgiving meal

  13. jesusofcool says:

    Unless you’re looking to make a major electronic purchase for yourself or as a gift, I’d just stay home. I thought about it, but I decided it’s much less stressful to sleep in and shop online and holiday sales.

  14. ckaught78 says:

    I think I will wait outside a best buy for 2-days so that I can save a couple hundred dollars on a sub-par laptop that I am not even guaranteed to get.Idiots.

  15. theblackdog says:

    I have to second the “make friends with the associate” and “leave the diva at home” tips. Two years ago when there was the gold Nintendo DS with Zelda: Phantom Hourglass bundle for BF, I ended up at the Target (Best Buy opened an hour earlier and ran out fast) and when I got to the electronics, I didn’t see them out so I (nicely) asked the associate where they were. He told me they weren’t out yet, but were about to be brought out from the back. I told him I’d wait until they came out, and stepped off to the side of an aisle to get out of the way of others.

    When the cart came out, he handed me one before taking it over to where they were going to place them. I paid and got out of there easily. I think if I hadn’t been nice, he would have told me to pound sand.