Math Skills Not Required To Bake Pie Chart Ad

Anonymous Math Geek sent us this ad for the Stratosphere, a Las Vegas casino. The wizards are using tricky geometry to convince you that the casino gives you more bang for your Benjamin. AMG writes:

I found this ad in a Continental in-flight magazine, and I had to share it. I’ve added some shading and some figures to illustrate the absurdity of their math. Apparently, $20.04 is a larger part of a $100 pie than $79.96– who knew?

By the way, I measured the angles on the chart. For the “left over” portion of the graph to be accurate (given the figures for the expenses shown), the total value would have to be somewhere in the area of $175 to $180.

The ad designer may as well have taken the concept all the way over the top and made the $20 savings take up 95 percent of the pie. As they say in Vegas, go big or go home.