Hammacher Schlemmer Helps Consumerist Reader With Refund

This morning, the general manager of Hammacher Schlemmer saw the post about The Unrefundable Headache Wrap and left his contact info in the comments section. I forwarded it on to Tanya, and she’s just emailed me back with good news.

I emailed Mr. Berns as per his offer this morning and have subsequently been in contact with a couple of representatives. It seems that they have not yet been able to determine what happened to my emails or to the item after it was delivered to their broker.
However, they have refunded me for my order and the signature delivery charge as well as offered a $50 gift certificate.


“Meet ‘The Imaginary Refund Policy’ From Hammacher Schlemmer”


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  1. twophrasebark says:

    Fifty dollars is almost enough to buy the motion detecting telephone or the stainless steel wallet.

    No. I did not make those products up.

  2. Paladin_11 says:

    When you sell products no one needs at prices no one can afford it behooves you to treat your marks ^H^H^H^H^H customers well. Good on you, HS!

    • jpdanzig says:

      Believe it or not, Hammacher does sell some products that offer a good value. Their set of six LED tea candles, for example, are less expensive than others on the market, and they’re backed by Hammacher’s lifetime guarantee. When my cleaning lady accidentally damaged one of the candles, I contacted Hammacher to ask how much a replacement would cost, and they sent me a replacement for free. Also, when I see a product in the Hammacher catalog, I know it will be of better quality than, say, the stuff from Sharper Image. Hammacher tests every product themselves, and they don’t sell losers.

      • Paladin_11 says:

        I stand corrected! They carry things that aren’t horribly schlocky and have some reasonable utility after all. I think I might actually read their catalog next time I fly.

  3. TakingItSeriously is a Technopile says:

    Glad to hear the refund came through :)

  4. Julia789 says:

    This incident may have been a slip up. Usually Hammacher has the best customer service and refunds with their unconditional guarantee. Their customer service is near legendary.

    Years ago I ordered one of those little Roomba vacuum cleaners from them. After a year of heavy use with lots of pets, the battery stopped holding a charge. I called them and they sent a brand new one, a newer and better model that they carried. Then about a year later, after heavy use, a wheel broke on that replacement one. Again, they sent me a replacement. When the third one broke, after two years, I let it go as I thought I might be abusing their policy!

    Their prices are not especially competitive, but they make up for it with that guarantee.

  5. a89aries says:

    I bought an alarm clock from Hammacher Schlemmer years ago and recently sent an email with a few suggestions of ideas I had to improve the device. I quickly got a reply back telling me they would gladly refund me my original cost if I was not satisfied with the product (this is 2+ years later!). I politely replied saying I was still, very happy with my device, and was just contributing some new ideas.

    I was happy with their service.

  6. FredBerns says:

    It turns out that Tanya’s experienced helped us determine that a percentage of our emails were going through a faulty router and were never being delivered! We pride ourselves on our customer service (most emails are answered within an hour) so this situation was very concerning to us. We were happy to take care of Tanya and are grateful for her help in diagnosing the problem.

    Fred Berns
    General Manager, Hammacher Schlemmer