Black Friday: Last-Minute Shopping Tips Even though electronics goods are often at their lowest prices of the year on Black Friday, there are still a few tips to help ensure you get not only the best deal, but also some peace of mind once you bring the item home. [Consumer Reports Electronics]


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  1. Michael Belisle says:

    Isn’t a tip from last year to consider waiting until the week before and after Christmas, when retailers were panicking about whether or not they were going to meet targets and offering deals just about as good as Black Friday?

    /me hopes the economic news stays pessimistic until after the Christmas season.

  2. rpm773 says:

    When shopping at a certain big-box retailer, bring a grappling hook and winch attached to your torso in order to escape from a sudden onslaught of humanity racing to pick up $7 off-brand DVD players.

  3. Gamrillen says:

    I would also add that you probably want to take the Black Friday ad of any given store into the store with you. That would give you some ammo if a question ever comes up on whether something is on sale or not, and at what price. If any store employee attempts to bait and switch you with something other than what is advertised, you won’t have to go searching the store for a reference because you’ll have it right there on your person.

    • pecan 3.14159265 says:

      I agree. Plus you have the information right there to compare with the product. That way you know you’re getting the right price and the right product. Compare serial numbers and such.

  4. coren says:

    Tip: online online online.

    The best deals are rarely found on Black Friday and those that are require far too much work, generally, to be worth it. How much is 3-6 hours of your time (waiting in line) worth? Better be more than that discount.

  5. Aphex242 says:

    Bring mace. Kevlar wouldn’t hurt either, nor would a football helmet.

  6. cybrczch says:

    Perfect timing – while looking up my pie crust recipe on my laptop, it died. Since it was a POS HP laptop, that I”ve already had the motherboard replaced on, twice, since I bought it (both times at their cost), I’ll see if there is anything else out there I want.

  7. StanTheManDean says:

    Buy from vendors that offer fair prices all year rather than vendors that offer exceptional prices for 1 hour of 1 day per year.

    Your bloodpressure will remain lower, your average costs will be lower and you will have more time to do the things you really want to do.

  8. Sudonum says:

    Stay home, enjoy the leftovers and the games. If you must buy something do it online.

  9. phonic says:

    Personally, based on the ads I’ve seen so far, I would say the best tip for saving money this Black Friday is: Stay Home.

  10. H3ion says:

    Don’t know what was going on today (Wednesday) but the traffic was incredible around anything that looked like a store. And we were just going out to look at some furniture and pick up a pizza. Come Friday, the only road I’m going to be on is Cormac McCarthy’s.