Call Home Depot CEO Frank Blake

This is the phone number for Home Depot Chairman and CEO Frank Blake. Use it if you have a persistent problem with Home Depot that hasn’t been resolved through normal customer service channels. Remember to be polite, professional, and to the point.
770-433-8211 ext 15659
You can also email


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  1. GitEmSteveDave_HazEnvy says:

    I don’t want Frank Blake’s number, I want Homer D. Poe’s number. He seems like a cool guy, and I’d like to have a beer with him.

  2. says:

    Ha, yeah really? What are you guys going to talk about? The sales going on at Home Depot.

  3. robocop is bleeding says:

    I got jerked around (literally – the dude was a huge jerk on the phone) by a Home Depot rep who was calling in response to my request for a free estimate for a bunch of work we needed done on the new house. The rep kept talking over me, trying to schedule appointments for when I told him nobody was available, and pretty much put Home Depot’s chance at $15,000 worth of work on the line.

    One email to Frank Blake and within two hours I had a much kinder rep calling me to set up an estimate, plus calls from local store and district managers.

    Because of that response, plus the no interest/no payments for 1 year offer, we went with them to do the work, which was a mixed bag.

    The actual workmanship was fine, but the moment we moved out of the sphere of influence of the good estimator we were put in touch with, coordination completely fell apart. Our Project Coordinator never followed through on anything without us hounding her. Another estimator who couldn’t spell, let alone use email, got involved and bunged up some stuff. It was a huge hassle to get everything back under the purview of the good estimator.

    So Home Depot is a mixed bag. As a larger company, they have financing options that smaller companies just can’t match, but the trade-off there is a byzantine system of vaguely competent people you have to navigate in order to reach someone with half a clue.

    • h3llc4t, breaker of office dress codes says:

      @robocop is bleeding: If he jerked you around literally I think that would mean he was pulling you around to and fro. :)
      It’s cool that you got a nicer rep after speaking to Blake, but it’s unfortunate that getting the work done was such a hassle. We’ve never really had great experiences with buying simple parts from them so it’s useful to hear how they’ve performed on bigger jobs.

  4. TouchMyMonkey says:

    Alternately, there’s usually a Lowes within a short hop from the Home Depot. Ours is perhaps half the distance from the house as Big Orange. I personally thanked the manager for saving me beaucoup gas and traffic aggravation.

  5. nem9x says:

    This could not have come at a more opportune time. I’ve been trying to take care of an issue since the beginning of Oct with a Home Improvement contract. Last Fri I finally got with someone in customer care that, for now, appears to be trying to get somewhere. I’ll give her a week or so, and if I still get nowhere, at least I have another avenue to try.

  6. wahoodaddy says:

    I met Frank once when I worked as an assistant store manager. He was a pretty good guy- certainly a helluva lot better than Nardelli. Nardelli did some good stuff, don’t get me wrong- before he showed up, raises and overtime were at the complete discretion of the store managers (meaning you could give your drinking buddies a $5/hour raise and let ’em work as much overtime as they wanted, and someone else $.05/hour, etc), and killed a couple other stupid things, revamped HR, etc. But otherwise didn’t give a damn. I guess if I had negotiated that sort of golden parachute beforehand, I wouldn’t give a damn, either, heh. I think Frank “only” makes about $800,000/year.

  7. DirectMailFan says:

    So if you are a HD employee in say, Cherry Hill, NJ, and you see some people shoplifting from the sotire, is it OK yet to call the cops on them, or heaven fobid, oh, I don’t know … try to stop them?

    After the Midwest City, OK incident a few years ago, you can’t be too sure.

  8. HomeDepotInfo says:

    There are actually quite a few ways to reach us with a consumer concern, a question, or to provide feedback:

    Twitter: @homedepot

    Both methods reach me, and a couple people in our customer service team who are eager to help you.

    Sarah, Home Depot Communications

  9. Chairman-Meow says:

    You can start by ordering store managers to actually man the check outs by more than 1 single employee. Stop trying to force everyone to use the self-checkout kiosks. Most of the time the damn things don’t work right which requires human intervention anyways.

    • webweazel says:

      @Front_Towards_Enemy: 9 times out of 10, they have one checkout person manning the self-checkouts, twiddling their thumbs, begging people walking by to use them, no other lanes open, and EVERYBODY in line at customer service.

      MOVE the bored self-checkout person to a regular lane, to get people out of the customer service lane.

      CLOSE DOWN the self checkouts when the store is not very busy. People only use them as another option when the checkout lines are really long.

  10. Borax-Johnson says:

    Can you imagine running a mega chain store with such crappy service from coast to coast that the only way for a lot of people to get what they want is to have to contact the CEO?

    This should be setting off alarm bells way lower that the executive suite.

    Poor Chrysler is now finding out about Hank Nardelli’s managerial talents…

    • Greasy Thumb Guzik says:

      It’s Robert Nardelli, but whatever the name, he’s still incompetent!

      And who doesn’t have a problem with Home Depot?

  11. PsiCop says:

    I wish I could convey my own personal beef to Home Depot and get it resolved … but I doubt it would do any good. With very few exceptions, it’s darned near impossible to navigate their stores and find what I’m looking for. Asking someone for help is a crapshoot … sometimes you get a right answer, but often you don’t.

    More than once I’ve gone into a HD to get something but ended up leaving without buying. One time I was headed out and was asked, “Did you find what you were looking for?” Foolishly, I answered the question by saying no, and telling the person what I was trying to find. That cause an eruption of discussion among a bunch of employees to find it. I spent another 10 minutes being sent down various aisles until I finally said I’d had enough and was leaving.

    I’ve done most of my hardware shopping since then at a local hardware store.

    I’ve also read stories in the media about how intimidating it is to shop in HD, and how there are lots of other people who are eventually discouraged enough to leave without buying anything. I’ve also read that HD claims to know this and wants to do something about it … but curiously, they refuse actually to DO anything to improve the situation other than just to SAY they know it’s a problem.

    I can only assume, then, that HD’s CEO actually WANTS his stores to be run like Byzantine labyrinths. Which is why I assume this complaint will fall on deaf ears.

    A secondary beef with HD is that they sell stuff half a year in advance and never in-season. Last year on December 30 in fact, I looked there for a snow thrower. I was driving past the place at the time and decided to price them. Snow throwers would not be hard to find, they’re always in the seasonal section, and displayed in the open, so my usual reason for avoiding HD didn’t apply, in this case.

    I found out that they didn’t have any left. But in the place where they had been, until about a week before, were a bunch of gas grills.

    That’s right, gas grills. In Connecticut. On December 30, with most of the winter still ahead.

    I asked an employee if they would be getting in any snow throwers, but was told no, they’d sold the last of them and that was it. I said, “Does that make any sense to you?” and got a blank stare in response. I don’t know if the guy didn’t understand me, or if he did, but just wouldn’t say that the policy didn’t make any sense to him.

    So I went online, bought a snow thrower from a different store. They had lots of them left, and the employees there thought it hysterically funny that HD refused to sell any more. I can only assume this threw a lot of business their way, and cost HD some in the process. Again, I can only assume that HD and its CEO know that December 30 is far too early in the winter to stop selling snow throwers in New England … but they do it anyway.

    • robocop is bleeding says:

      @PsiCop: I’ve also read stories in the media about how intimidating it is to shop in HD, and how there are lots of other people who are eventually discouraged enough to leave without buying anything. I’ve also read that HD claims to know this and wants to do something about it … but curiously, they refuse actually to DO anything to improve the situation other than just to SAY they know it’s a problem.

      I hear that. It’s been pulling teeth to get my wife to come with me into a HD store, even when we’re picking out paint colors or bathroom fixtures or something else that requires her opinion. If I ever have to ask a Sales Associate a question, she just sighs and goes to browse the magazine stand because she knows that interaction is going to take forever.

  12. whysthsncnsmrst says:

    I love how the apron gives this guy the “everyman” touch. It makes him look like he is almost in touch with the blue collar folks in his company.

  13. srh says:

    We’ve got several in my area, and they’re huge. HUGE!

    So why is it that I can seldom find what I’m looking for? Here are examples from the last few weeks:

    * 5-gallon water storage container
    * A 12″ x 24″ plate of 1/4″ steel
    * A pipe cutter suitable for 1.5″ diameter steel pipe
    * A simple oscillating floor fan
    * A vented wall-mount propane heater

    None of these are particularly exotic (especially the fan). All of them are items I’d expect to find at a home improvement store. And yet somehow in their billion square foot building, which has every size and variety of rake I can imagine, these basic items are nowhere to be found.

  14. Another's Helper says:

    Do not call that number! It is not the CEO at all but an inept “customer service” that will only toe the Home Depot “line.” What this company did to someone that I help is nothing short of a felony. They don’t care about people, much less human rights. Until compnay’s like this are boycotted, retailers like this will continue harming others, and walking away. I am in shock about this situation, and I recorded everything for the DISABLED person that I help!

  15. Help Now says:

    I am an experienced contractor and i have the same issues that others have commented on. The biggest problem are the inexperienced, careless employee’s that Home Depot hires. They usually give bad information about what they stock or dont stock, its tough for me and i know what im doing, i couldnt imagine how bad it is for the average consumer

  16. 3rdUserName says:

    Thanks a million Consumerist, I had a washer and dryer issue that I contacted Frank about. The customer service team did a great job in taking care of my problem. I’m very impressed with how they treated my issue.

  17. TexasBlue says:

    Glad I found this–Home Depot puts up the shabbist stores in cities that let them get away with “shabby (not Dallas!),” and the service is then comparable. I had the worst carpeting experience in our 45 years! Top-grade, plush nylon full house and the installers were beyond hopeless. Never have we had such complainers – they were lazy, immature, weepy, and lied. The company did nothing, and the local manager would not return phone calls even when our contractor phone him and told him to call us!

    Now, the smears they’ve left on our solid wood floor (glue!!) can’t be budged, and the effect is nasty. Moreover, they laid some of it in the wrong direction. Never will we shop there again!

  18. David_NY_NY says:


    Sent an email to Sara_Care a few days ago concerning a customer service issue I was having. Have not received a reply at all, not even an automated reply. Previously I called their regular toll free phone number without getting any satisfactory resolution.

    I think Home Depot Customer Service either doesn’t care or is so overworked that they don’t have the time to respond promptly.

    So what is the point of having the CEO’s contact information or a Sara_Care email address if no one in Home Depot will respond?

    Seems like a lot of hype.

    I am not sure if I want to continue shopping at Home Depot if their customer service is this bad.

  19. RocknWave says:

    This is the email I sent to Frank. So far no response.


    Dear Sir,

    I have shopped at our local HD for almost 10 years now. For the most part I have found the experience to be as mundane as

    it should be when going to a store to pick up supplies needed for home maintenance. That said, what is the policy regarding

    your cashiers taking a 100 dollar bill from a customer (ME) and claiming that it is counterfeit without running a single test on it !?

    The 100 dollar bill in question was one I received from the US Bank after I cashed a check with them. Now I have to waste my valuable time running between the bank and

    the HD trying to recover the money that has yet to be proven to be “funny money”. Neither the cashier or the manager did any kind of test to determine

    whether or not the bill was fake or not. I will again be at the HD at 15150 Bear Valley Road, Victorville, CA‎ – (760) 955-2999‎ to talk to the “bookkeeper” who it seems

    by the explanation of the cashiers, is the one who will make the decision as to the authenticity of the 100 dollar note. I would suggest that the cashiers at least keep one

    of those marking pens that turn color to spot fake money. I will be the first in line to congratulate your employees for a job well done if the note is in fact a fake. And will

    see to it that the Secret Service is put in touch with US Bank in Victorville for passing bad money. IF…in fact it is not fake I will be expecting an apology from the cashier

    and the manager. This inconvenience has cost me allot more than 100 dollars of my time. I am self-employed and know exactly how much my time is worth today.

    100 dollar bills are not something that I can easily just say “ah , aint that too bad”, “live with it” , “stuff happens”.

    I don’t expect I will even receive a response to this email….But if by some miracle I do I will let you know what the outcome is tomorrow.


  20. m29lewis says:

    It is amazing how many responses I received regarding the “ shopping while black” incident at Home Depot. There are so many other people that have experience this issue at Home Depot.

    Just to reiterate to those who have not experienced this or misunderstood what I was saying, This has nothing to do with checking ids to ensure that the card isn’t stolen. If Home Depot policy is to check id when making a purchase with a credit card they need to check EVERY customer’s id when using a credit card. They CAN’T pick and choose which customers they as k for id. There policy shouldn’t be based on a person color, gender etc.