Buzzword: Teeth Bleachorexia “Can a person overdo it by wearing teeth whitening strips or trays too often? The American Dental Association thinks so.” [Consumer Reports Health]


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  1. joshuadavis says:

    Or you could just brush your teeth after breakfast and dinner.

  2. savvy999 says:

    One of my kid’s teachers definitely has this issue. Her teeth have been bleached so much that
    1) they are no longer glossy (look like a ceiling painted with a flat white latex)
    2) they are cracked so badly that they hold/show whatever she last ate/drank

    I want to pipe up about it, mention maybe getting veneers, but what good would that do? Like someone with a body image disease/issue, mentioning it will only make her more paranoid…

    Thoughts/advice on how to approach someone you know with this ‘problem’? Or just avoid altogether?