PS3 Tacks On Facebook Two Days After Xbox 360

With a surprisingly short turnaround from rumor to official announcement to reality, Sony cranked out a PlayStation 3 firmware update that added Facebook access to the console Thursday, just a couple days after Microsoft’s ballyhooed addition of a portal to the social networking service.

Granted, the PS3 could technically could always access Facebook since — like the Wii and unlike the 360 — it always boasted a web browser, but now it’s got a streamlined, easy-access app just like the one the 360 has.

What else would you like to see come to video game consoles via firmware updates?


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  1. Dyscord says:

    Has Sony released a firmware update for Netflix yet? Or do you still have to order a disc from them?

    • JRock says:

      @Dyscord: You still have to order a disc. I’ve read that they won’t be adding this as a built-in feature until later next year.

      • Dyscord says:

        @JRock: I heard the main reason they did this was because they weren’t ready to release a firmware update with it yet.

        But they’re perfectly fine with releasing a firmware update with Facebook?

        • gnordy says:

          @Dyscord: The rumor is that the 360 has an exclusivity deal for a dashboard type Netflix set up. The disk is a workaround of that agreement until next year when the 360 exclusivity expires. D

        • Joewithay says:

          @Dyscord: It has to do more with Microsoft’s special agreement with Netflix. The PS3 has to use Blu-Ray Live to work around the agreement until the agreement expires.

        • anduin1 says:

          MS has pretty much exclusive rights to console distribution of Netflix blah blah… basically it would be on the PS3 if they can get passed all the lawyers.

  2. tonberry says:

    i would like my ps3 to be able to get a job and pay for its own games. i am tired of having to buy them.

    • zentex says:

      @tonberry: I bet my xbox will get a job faster than your ps3…by at least a day

    • oblivious87 says:

      @tonberry: There were talks a while back about Sony selling computational power by using lots of PS3s to companies. Basically you’d be using a system similar to the “Life with PlayStation” and in return, Sony would reward you with credit to buy games and DLC.

      I don’t know what has become of it and I can’t even find the source where I read it. Sorry for failing… but the odds are good that the PS3 would pay you before the Xbox would!

  3. ElPresidente408 says:

    Yes! Now I can update my status from my cable box, PS3, Blackberry App, text, email, and

    What a world

  4. temporaryscars says:

    Facebook, Netflix, who cares? The day Call of Duty came out, my xbox red ringed after two years of flawless performance. While it was in the shop getting fixed, I borrowed my friend’s system and that too red ringed.

    Hey Microsoft, forget about all that other garbage and focus on putting out a console that won’t burst into flames!

  5. Papercutninja says:

    i’m scareded to update the firmware on my 60gb launch console! i don’t need FB that badly to potentially brick my jesus-PS3. I’ll wait a few days for bricking reports.

    • arsenicookie says:

      @Papercutninja: updated my 60g launch console last night. no probs.

    • Zenatrul says:

      @Papercutninja: I updated my launch 60g(has a 320GB inside) and it worked fine. They also redesigned the friends list a bit(You can color your profile and everybody sees it) and added photo catagories.

    • nicskter says:

      @Papercutninja: I updated my 60GB console also, with no problems.

      I was a little frustrated when I tried to play Modern Warfare 2 online, but couldn’t because I didn’t have the new update with facebook and a new way to look at photos. Like, really? I can’t play my game until I get THIS update?

      • Nidoking says:

        @nicskter: I felt the same way about the new Ratchet & Clank. At least when the Wii requires an update to play a game, they include it on the game disc.

    • Dafrety says:

      @Papercutninja: I updated my 60GB (250 GB upgrade) and it worked fine. I also did the 3.01 update without any trouble. I still can’t sync my trophies though. Pah.

  6. downwithmonstercable says:

    I tried out the Facebook app for Xbox, it’s freaking terrible! I thought it might be cool to check updates once in a while through that (not that I play much anymore with an 18 month old) but I tried it out and it’s terrible.

    First, the interface is shoehorned into the xbox interface, with the cards that slide left/right. Text entry is painful if you only have a controller. You can’t follow any links or video posts from Youtube, because for whatever reason Microsoft STILL doesn’t have a browser built in. The whole thing is clunky and not useful.

    On the plus side, if you update your FB status on there, you get a little Xbox icon underneath it. Yes!

  7. osiris73 says:

    I know its kinda OT, but I can’t find the answer anywhere… when Netflix streams movies through the PS3, does it stream in HD as well? I may consider switching to Netflix from my Blockbuster account if they can do that. And before people bring on the BB hatred, I need to say that I’m grandfathered into a really, really good and cheap rental plan and I really haven’t had many problems at all with BB.

    • edguitar says:

      @osiris73: Is done in x box (Specially on the TV shows) i dont see why not in teh PS3

    • merkidemis says:

      @osiris73: Yes, it does do HD with the disk.

      Personally, I find PlayOn running on my PC and streaming to the PS3 to be far handier (it allows you to play all the Instant stuff, not just what’s in your queue, plus Hulu, Spike, ComedyCentral, Adult Swim, etc etc) then the disk, but the disk does deliver better quality video and fewer playback errors.

  8. bigd7387 says:

    Speaking as a gamer, what Sony needs to do is tack games onto the PS3. I could do anything I wanted with the PS3 except play a decent game on it and isn’t that what the damn things for? PS3 has failed as a game platform, now if I want to play games I go to the 360 and if I want to surf I use my laptop so why in the hell do I want to use the PS3 for surfing or watching what Blu-ray with it’s DRM infected discs? Sony = Fail this generation of systems. End rant. Oh and I will be happy to go thru 100 360’s vs’ having to deal with one more blurry, washed out, poor frame rated piece of crap that Sony sells as a game.

    • Keavy_Rain says:

      @bigd7387: What games are you playing? I’ve played a dozen games on my PS3 and have loved them all, with the most recent being Uncharted 2 and Batman: Arkham Asylum. Both looked and played great.

      I do prefer my Xbox 360, as it was my first console and has Party Chat, but the Trey gets its use outside of a movie player.

  9. Gnort says:

    You know what I’d like to see come out in a firmware update for the PS3? My black background back!

    I got it that way when I bought it, but when I plug it in to the net I get various hideous shades of orange, red, pink, etc. I got to set the background color and there is no black option and the “Default” (or whatever it’s called) is the color that can’t make up its mind.

  10. fuzzymuffins says:

    the only reason for the PS3 to branch out beyond games and movies is to accommodate those who still have not integrated their TV and computer. if you have your PS3 on a 50″ TV in the living room and computer in the den, sony simply wants you to spend more time in the living room, even if it is easier to use a computer for that task.

    i use the same monitor/location for both, and have yet to find an extra PS3 feature (browser, netflix, photos, music, chat…etc) that is more convenient than my computer. i suppose it’s good to have options, though.

  11. tongsy says:

    I wish they would add Samba support instead of adding BS features like facebook.

  12. Chris J. Stone says:

    It was actually Wednesday evening, only a single day later. And it’s not a Facebook app. It’s auto-posting to Facebook. They cleaned up the Internet Browser to make it look better with Facebook, but you make it seem like Facebook has its own shortcut icon on the XMB, which is wrong.

  13. MSUHitman says:

    This post needs to be edited severely. The PS3 functionality, at present, DOES NOT ALLOW YOU TO ACCESS PHOTOS, YOUR WALL, ETC. As JRock noted, all it is currently is that each time you buy a game add-on, download a game/game demo, or buy video content on the PSN Store, you can have that be auto-posted on your wall.

    Yes you can open up Facebook on the PS3 browser but unless you’re using a mouse, it’s a little hard to navigate, as it would be on the Wii or 360 (if the 360 ever added a browser.)

  14. Rena says:

    Sony adds the same new feature that one of their competitors just added? Odd, they certainly don’t have a history of doing that *coughcoughsixaxiscough*.