California Students Protest, Riot Over Tuition Gouging

Responding to UC regents’ efforts to slap students with a 32 percent tuition increase, groups at UC Berkeley, UC Santa Cruz, UCLA and other schools took to the streets, 1960s style, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

Things apparently got the craziest at UCLA, the Chronicle writes:

Students, furious at the increase that will bring their yearly fees above $10,000 for the first time, rushed the UCLA building where the regents were meeting, throwing food, sticks and vinegar-soaked red bandannas meant to look like blood.

UC police arrested 14 people for disrupting the meeting and resisting arrest.

Although the protests probably won’t have any effect, it’s nice to see the students stand up for themselves. Unlike the UCLA football and basketball teams, which have both started their seasons awfully.

Rage at UC fee hike in L.A., Berkeley protests [San Francisco Chronicle]
(Photo: Paul Chinn, San Francisco Chronicle)