The Best Job Search Websites

If you’re one of the ba-zillion unemployed people in America, we’re guessing you might be interested in a listing of the best job search websites. If so, we have some good news for you — personal finance blog Bargaineering has such a list which includes the following:

Simply Hired
Yahoo HotJobs

In a separate piece Forbes named their own set of the 15 most popular job sites. Bottomline: it contains the same sites as Bargaineering plus a few new/upcoming and niche websites that might just be your cup of tea.

In the end, finding employment via the web is still a bit of a crapshoot (after all, CareerBuilder alone has 18 million visitors per month) and there are more effective ways to find a job (like networking.) But as Bargaineering notes, getting a job is often a numbers game — putting your resume in front of as many potential employers as possible. So why not take advantage of all the web has to offer and apply, apply, apply?

Best Employment & Job Search Websites [Bargaineering]
The 15 Most Popular Job Sites [Forbes]

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  1. matuszek says:

    If you don’t want to sit through Forbes’s horrible slideshow format and Unemployed Mom Makes $77/Hr Not Bleaching Teeth ads, here is the list:

    13. (no listings)
    10. (no listings)
    8. (no listings)

    Now if only there were a job site that guaranteed that none of the jobs would make you fill out the employer’s crappy homemade web-based job application.

  2. SoCalGNX says:

    Monster sucks and should not be on that list. Craigslist is chock full of scam artists or people who would like to pay you less than minimum wage.

  3. pittstonjoma says:

    I’ve had very little success with monster. Most of the jobs in my area listed as “entry level” require 5-7 years of experience. How exactly is that entry level? Sometimes I wonder why I wasted 4 years on a degree.

  4. zlionsfan says:

    Neither monster nor careerbuilder were that helpful for me: too much crap. But at least that way I could pick out the good recruiters from the bad: the bad ones were the ones reading postings off monster and asking me if they might be positions I’d be interested in. and were more helpful to me.

  5. shifuimam says:

    How could they possibly list Monster and CareerBuilder in that list? As soon as I signed up for both those sites, I was inundated with a sick amount of spam to the email I used to register. At any rate, it’s not worth the time to try and sift through all the bogus hiring scams on those sites to try and find anything worthwhile.

  6. morganlh85 says:

    They have GOT to be joking about Yahoo Hotjobs. 99.9999179% of the “jobs” on there are work at home scams and other related bullshit.

    I frequent SimplyHired and
    Most jobs on Craigslist are either bullshit or grossly underpaying.

    Also, for college grads, don’t forget to check your school’s career office. Ours has an online job book where employees often recruit recent grads and alumni, and we have access long after we graduate.

  7. Jacob789 says:

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