Broken FAA Computer Causing Delays Across The US

USAToday is reporting that a broken FAA computer in Atlanta is causing widespread delays across the country. In particular, “Washington National, Baltimore/Washington and Newark Liberty are all listed as having severe flight delays, according to the FAA.”

You can check out the FAA’s website to see if your airport is experiencing delays. In addition to the computer problems, air travelers are being hammered by the weather. Poor visibility and congestion are causing delays of over 2 hours at Philadelphia International, for example.

If you’re flying today, it’s probably best to check your flight status.

Flight delays spreading after FAA computer failure in Atlanta [USAToday]


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  1. H3ion says:

    They were warned not to install Windows Seven.

  2. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot says:

    Thank goodness this didn’t happen yesterday, as I flew from YVR to JFK without an issue. Though, after arriving at JFK around midnight, I overheard some people mentioning that some other flights that were supposed to land at JKF ended up being rerouted to LaGuardia because of computer problems.

  3. Microxot says:

    I am not surprised. The FAA is running on an archaic version of AIX which means it’s hardware must be just as old.

  4. zzxx says:

    I really don’t feel sorry for the big shot air travelers who got stuck. These big shots cause too much environmental pollution and cause us to be energy dependent.

    We really should jack up all sorts of airfare to make the skies cleaner and quieter and put an end to people treating a plane trip in the same realm as taking a city bus.

    A plane trip should be a rare treat, not a staple.

    Many NYC residents used to take their cars on vacation to the Catskills. The airplane did away with that. Now more US money is going in the coffers of foreign countries while we are having financial trouble ourselves.

    We should try to keep vacations in the US. That will really boost our economy.

    Quit flying. Urban populations are being sickened and driven insane by airplane noise and pollution.

    Take vacations close to home. If you are a family the destination does not matter, its the time together that does.