82-Year-Old Receipt Checker Chases Thief

This security footage from a BJ’s Wholesale in Florida shows a man trying to steal two computers, and the store’s elderly greeter/receipt-checker giving chase. Almost all the good stuff happens off screen, so you’ll have to imagine the awesome karate moves that probably ensued. It’s retail crime fighting in action!

It’s also stupid crime fighting, because receipt checkers shouldn’t chase after thieves, suspected or blatant. The employee was pushed down and suffered a broken rib and scratches, reports the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. The thief did drop the computers, however, and luckily nothing worse happened.

“Parkland store’s greeter foils shoplifter” [SunSentinel.com] (Thanks to David!)


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  1. ApupnamedShamus says:

    Good thing he wasn’t working at Walmart. Otherwise he would be an unemployed receipt checker. While I dislike the whole receipt checking idea on principle, this was a membership store, which you sign an agreement for receipt checking, so they do have more of a right to ask for one. And I have to give props to gramps for the effort.

  2. gmxperry says:

    You know, I read a lot about these kinds of stories and I honestly gotta say… Why do these workers do this stuff? Is it really worth it? I mean, I get it, if you have pride in your job and you have contempt for a common criminal, it’s all well and good, but quite frankly no retail job is worth risking your life or well-being for. If the douchebag wants to steal some computers, let him, his face is on security camera and he’ll be picked up at some point.

    I guess that’s just me. Props to the folks who have the cajones to go after people, it just doesn’t seem like it’s worth it when you’re armed with little more than a box cutter and a snappy vest…

    • CaptainSemantics says:

      @gmxperry: I have a funny feeling it’s a fight/flight thing, and some part of brain just kicks into gear and we have little control over ourselves. But, yeah, if I had done this at my retail job, I would have been fired.

      • gmxperry says:

        @CaptainSemantics: Good point, never really thought about that. Animal instincts are a pain. But yeah, most people that would’ve done that would have absolutely been fired. As for me? I work at IKEA. If you can fit a Swedish table in your pocket, you can have it.

  3. oh my jeezus says:

    I thought it was the guy in the wheelchair before I watched the vid.

  4. Ronin-Democrat says:

    Does the guy in the scooter have a cop light to pull the would be thief over?

  5. DragonThermo says:

    Florida is a right-to-carry state. All you have to do is get the training and certification and pass a background check and you can get a concealed weapons permit. I seem to recall once upon a time it was legal to carry a sidearm as long as it was in clear view.

    I don’t think punks will be stealin’ no ‘puters if they thought Grandpa Receipt Checker or Grandma Greeter was packin’ heat.