Lick An Envelope, Taste Some Bacon

The entrepreneur-humanitarians behind Bacon Salt, Bacon Pop, and Baconnaise have introduced two new products. J & D’s has expanded their bacon flavoring empire to bacon-flavored microwave popcorn and another product that is neither food nor seasoning—snail-mail envelopes.

I guess if you have to lick envelopes, they may as well taste—and look—like bacon.

[J & D’s]
Bacon Pop [J & D’s] (via Uncrate) (Thanks, dk!)

Two Guys In A Garage Invent Bacon Salt, Quit Their Day Jobs


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  1. Radi0logy says:

    Why bother? I can just lick myself and get the same effect

  2. GitEmSteveDave_woot!sOffSoHard says:

    Only one thing tastes like bacon and that’s the return envelope from my cardiologist!

  3. lucky929 says:

    Please tell me I’m not the only one who kind of wants to try bacon-flavored popcorn.

  4. Jfielder says:

    I’m gonna order a truckload of that popcorn….

  5. parkj238 says:

    Bacon popcorn sounds delicious.

    But why for would i want bacon flavored envelope glue ???

  6. Eyebrows McGee (now with double the baby!) says:

    I seriously love these guys. And I would totally buy bacon-flavored envelopes.

  7. diasdiem says:

    The snozberries taste like snozberries!

  8. Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:


  9. R3PUBLIC0N says:

    Didn’t the British have a problem with something like this in 1850’s India?

    • Quake 'n' Shake says:

      Wait, @R3PUBLIC0N: Beat me too it!

      Don’t sell these envelopes to the sepoys.

    • JoshCharlotteNC says:

      @R3PUBLIC0N: Yep. The British empire started using a new rifle, and the cartridge for the rifle was greased with animal fat. The soldier would have to bite the cartridge to tear off the packaging in order to load it. A rumor started that the grease used was a mixture of cow and pig fat. The cow was sacred to Hindus, and the pig was considered unclean to Muslims, so a mutiny started based on the rumor. They switched to vegetable grease, but it was too late.

  10. Kuchen says:

    I love me some bacon, but those envelopes just sound disgusting. Wouldn’t it taste like envelope glue mixed with bacon? Makes me gag just thinking about it.

  11. Thenameismaia says:

    I have a feeling a lot more men (specifically my BF) will be posting letters thanks to those envelopes.

  12. Blueskylaw says:

    I think they will soon be traded on the futures and commodities markets.

    Mmmmmm, fried envelope flaps and eggs, the breakfast of champions.

  13. starzshine says:

    Just found out that the bacon salt is vegetarian, picked up a 3 pack for my husband for a stocking stuffer. I know he’s gonna freak, he hasn’t had bacon in years. (Plus he would eat salt with a spoon if I let him, his blood pressure’s gonna sky rocket when he hits 30)

  14. JeffMc says:

    Am I the only one that thought “bacon pop” was some sort of soda? I’m sad now.

  15. H3ion says:

    You can still buy toothpaste flavored to taste like scotch or bourbon. Why not bacon flavored anything?

  16. memphis9 says:

    Bourbon flavored toothpaste? Huh. I need to imbibe a few before that stuff starts even tasting okay, to me. But then I’m a lightweight. Maybe Sam Adams Amber Wheat toothpaste for me.

    Office stores are going to be weirded out by guys coming back for ANOTHER 500 envelopes the next DAY. Sheepishly. And with paper cuts all over their tongues.

  17. Double J says:

    Mailmen already have a natural enemy in the dog, and now we’re putting bait right in their hands. Or shoulder bags I suppose.

  18. CFinWV says:

    Archie MacPhee for all your bacon needs! Seriously, they have a thing for bacon.