Coca-Cola Redesigns Fruit Juice Cartons To Emphasize Fruit

One year after Tropicana’s disastrous redesign of their orange juice packaging, Coca-Cola is debuting a redesign of the cartons in their various lines of fruit juices. Coke’s key advantage: the new design isn’t hideously ugly.

Was Coca-Cola given any pause by the experience of key competitor Tropicana, which less than a year ago unveiled a new package designed by Peter Arnell that was met with confusion and criticism from consumers? “We certainly didn’t know what [Tropicana] was doing. We saw it when everyone else did,” said Brian Kelley, president, general manager-still beverages at Coke. “The competitive actions they took didn’t really impact us. We had to make sure we maintained the equity while modernizing it and maintaining the appeal and that’s what we did.”

Identifying a fruit juice brand with images of fruit instead of amorphous orange blobs is definitely an improvement.

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  1. RoofCoffeeCup says:

    Seriously, how long till we can comment? I’m jonsing here!

  2. Dwarfsetsfire says:

    I remember the tropicana fiasco; they made their drink cartons look low budget and as if you were buying a generic brand. Was a bad thing, though I do say the minute maid doesn’t look too bad.

  3. camillejane says:

    well, at least there considering redeigning of packaging.Costumers are also considering the looks of the product before buying.