Dear God: Comcast To Consider Partnering With Ticketmaster

When you read about the proposed Ticketmaster/Live Nation merger, you might have thought to yourself, “Sure, this would be a merger between the world’s largest ticketing company and the largest concert promoter, but I think it could be more horrifying.” Comcast apparently agrees, as they’re considering getting in on the merger.

Bloomberg News has the story from two anonymous sources familiar with the talks. Although nobody at Comcast, Ticketmaster, or the Justice Department is commenting, the speculation is that Comcast would partner with Ticketmaster in exchange for revenues from ticketing software and client contracts.

The prospect of having to deal with Comcast and Ticketmaster to see a concert or sporting event is upsetting enough, but the sickest part of this story is that the Comcast partnership is apparently being considered to alleviate antitrust concerns that the Justice Department might have about the Ticketmaster/Live Nation merger.

We’ll keep you updated on any future developments (maybe AT&T or MLB would like to be a part of this?)

Comcast Said to Work with Ticketmaster, Live Nation [Bloomberg]
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  1. HRHKingFridayXX says:

    I think they’re pissed they didn’t get the golden poo this year. Comcastmaster would be unstoppable!

  2. TheWillow says:

    They also want to buy NBC-U.


  3. diasdiem says:

    No! This will cause a singularity of bad value and crappy customer service that will rip the fabric of the universe in twain!

    If this partnership does not come to pass we may only conclude is that the people in the future took a break from sabotaging the LHC to prevent this from occurring.

    • zlionsfan says:

      @diasdiem: Wait! Maybe that’s it! This merger won’t happen because the only way to fix the resulting issue would be to employ the LHC against it, thus the universe will respond by preventing Comcast and Ticketmaster from ever merging.

      And if the universe happens to take its preventive steps a little too far, who are we to complain?

  4. Bluth_Cornballer says:

    Hopefully they will bring an airline into the mix so they can add a service charge to the baggage fees while making you pay extra to watch the NFL Network.

  5. NICU says:

    Be careful of talking about anti-consumer abominations or the NFL (aka No Fun League) might send a DMCA takedown due to you insisting there’s a company that cares less about customers.

  6. edguitar says:

    DOes this means I can get my concert trickets directly billed to my tv/internet bill…. Score!!!

    • Joeb5 says:

      We can do that*

      *there is will a $5 added fee per ticket / seat for that.

    • econobiker says:

      @edguitar: Just as long as you can take a day off for the tickets to be delivered to your home within a 4 hour window. That is, if the delivery person thinks you are home and also doesn’t want to take a long lunch…

  7. Scoobatz says:

    Is this what the movie 2012 is about?

  8. allknowingtomato says:

    So I am not yet done with law school and have not taken antitrust law (that’s next semester) but could someone please explain this to me: how does involving another enormous corporation in a merger REDUCE antitrust concerns?

    • hotdogsunrise says:

      @allknowingtomato: I’m guessing it’s because Ticketmaster and Live Nation are in the same business; if they merge, then there’s no competition. Comcast does not sell tickets to concerts/events, thus not the same business. Big corporation, yes; against antitrust laws, I guess not.

      And good luck finding a job after law school. I mean that sincerely; no sarcasm tag here. Too many lawyers, not enough jobs right now. Not a fun time in the marketplace.

    • YardanCabaret says:

      @allknowingtomato: I was wondering that too. They aren’t adding a competitor they are adding a partner. The merger would still create a market with only one player in it which is what antitrust laws are there to stop.

  9. giggitygoo says:

    Will AIG be financing the deal? Maybe there will be a promo deal that will allow Monster Cable to advertise at the concerts? Perhaps a partnership with Best Buy stores to sell tickets at the Geek Squad counter?

  10. scoosdad says:

    Can this be Part B of this week’s Consumerist Troll-a-Thon, started yesterday by Chris Walters with the story about receipt checking, Walmart, XBOX 360, and violence in the Walmart parking lot?

    The world is coming to an end. And we don’t need to wait for 2012.

  11. SatisfriedCrustomer says:

    We need a government sponsored “public option” for buying tickets.

  12. rpm773 says:

    Now I have XTC in my head.

    Dear God
    Comcast is considering
    ing with ticketmaster

  13. WonderKatGoBoom says:

    If Bank of America and GM had a baby, this would be it.

    God, help us.

  14. Saboth says:

    This is really bad news for Consumerist. Just think of the “Worst Company” contest. They’d win every year by a landslide.

  15. Tim says:

    If all of these proposed mergers go through, we’d have …

    National Ticket BroadComcastMastering NationCompany

    Any other ideas?

  16. vladthepaler says:

    Ticketmaster does not currently suck enough for concertgoers to refuse to buy tickets from them, for bands to refuse to play shows at Ticketmaster venues, or for venues to lose attendence due to using Ticketmaster.

    That means that either Ticketmaster is pretty good, or it just isn’t bad enough to need to improve anything.

    I don’t know what a marriage to Comcast would do. It wouldn’t necessarily be worse, but maybe worse would be the best case scenario. Maybe it’ll make Ticketmaster so bad that people will stop buying tickets from them. That’s the best thing that could possibly happen to live music.

  17. JollyJumjuck says:

    Awesome! Soon only the rich will be able to afford concerts for anyone beyond the local band level!

  18. StanTheManDean says:

    Ticketmaster, the whore of a company who provides marginal service for big bucks and is under investigation with the Justice Dept concerning anti-trust issues, joining forces with ANY company is a bad idea.

  19. holytrainwreck says:

    Look under the dictionary definition of clusterfuck. There it is.

  20. Al Swearengen says:

    Am I going to end up seeing a “convenience fee” added to my monthly cable bill? Will I have to pay to print out my own bill? Will they automatically charge me for parking my ass in front of the TV?

  21. civicmon says:

    Everything in the Philadelphia area goes through them. They also run the Wachovia Center, the home of the Sixers and Flyers. To be fair, Comcast Spectracor is a pretty decent outfit.

  22. katstermonster says:

    @allknowingtomato: I hear patent law + science or engineering degree is the way to go. I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering, but I opted for the Ph.D. instead of the J.D. Some of my friends are looking at patent law, but I think I’d be bored senseless. That is to say, congrats and good luck to you! :)

  23. Tratios says:

    I have been lucky in that I never had Comcast anywhere I have lived; however my significant other was forced to use them since they where the only “provider” allowed. She has had more problems with her provider then I have had with my last 5 providers in four different states.

    I avoid Ticketmaster events due to the “fees”, I perfer smaller locations which may offer Ticketmaster service but still allow you to buy the tickets at the box office before or even at the day of the show. I started to use Ticketmaster once a year ago to see a show in DC. I looked online at the ticket prices and Ticketmaster was charging the max weekend price for the front rows for the tickets for the weekday rear rows before “fees”. I am unsure if that is criminal but I ended up spending a day looking around online before finding the tickets for the correct price. The $65 dollars saved was worth my time for those couple hours.

  24. Admiral_John says:

    I hate Ticketmaster. A few years ago I took my son to see a WWE show at our local arena. I bought the tickets at the arena and had to pay a convenience fee.