Dollar Store Grand Opening Attracts Hundreds Of Shoppers

To promote the opening of a new store, ultra-discount chain 99 Cents Only stocked a few things they don’t normally carry, and sold them for 99 cents. Things like iPods and scooters. When they opened a store in San Jose, Calif., this sale proved popular. Very popular.

Hundreds of people lined up hours before the store opened in order to paint the great deals.

“So I saw the ad and was like ‘oh good deal, 99 cents for a scooter.’ You can’t beat it because the market value is like probably like $40 to $50,” said shopper Jolon Nicolau.

Nicolau showed up at 3 a.m., and one of 99 in line able to buy a scooter for only 99 cents. The first lucky nine in line were able to score an apple iPod nano for a mere 99 cents as well.

“This is the best deal you can find anywhere right? 99 cents for an iPod nano,” said shopper Ericson Tianzi.

It certainly is. The store will continue offering promotional deals, but none as good as the first day’s.

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