@Couponbot Serves You Coupons Via Twitter

Shoppers are getting online coupon code crazy, with searches for promo codes up 55% from last year. But why waste your time Googling when you could be watching thewebsiteisdown.com and an armada of Twitter agents are searching for coupons on your behalf?

Dealtaker launched @couponbot to do just that.

Step 0: Have a Twitter account
Step 1: Follow @CouponBot
Step 2: Send your tweet in the following format: @couponbot storename
Step 3: Wait for your coupon tweet mentions that will look like: @youruser StoreName Coupon Title URL

examples of Top 10 store searches:
1. @CouponBot Old Navy
2. @CouponBot Amazon
3. @CouponBot Kohls
4. @CouponBot Home Depot
5. @CouponBot American Eagle
6. @CouponBot Dell
7. @CouponBot Best Buy
8. @CouponBot GAP
9. @CouponBot Macy’s
10. @CouponBot Target

Are the deals any good? Is the service useful or spamular? Give it a whirl and let us know in the comments.

DealTaker @CouponBot [DealTaker via TechCrunch] (Thanks to Dirk!) (Photo: atp_tyreseus)


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  1. iConsumer says:

    Old Navy i understand… but Old… Best Buy?

  2. bubbledumpster says:

    I LOVE Old Target! I shop there for everything.

  3. AvatarofBelle says:

    I use retailmenot.com most of the time. I’m not big on twitter/text. I’d rather look for the coupon than have unwanted coupons sent to me.

  4. bloggerX says:

    I fail at Step 0.

  5. MariSama44 says:

    I prefer Old Amazon over the regular type.

  6. UUMickey says:

    Or, just use the RSS feed from Buxr and Dealhack, send it into Google Reader and use the power of the almighty Google to find your coupons. Or waste time sifting through the feed by hand, which is also fun. I might follow the coupon twitter bot via Google Reader for a bit and see what it vomits up, if anything.

  7. Coles_Law says:

    I’ll make sure to swing by Old Home Depot and get some leaded paint and tarnished brass fixtures.

    • bendee says:


      Afterwards you can swing by Old Dell and get a TRS-80 or a 486. If you buy today it comes with a free black and yellow monitor and dot matrix printer!

  8. superberg says:

    Why on earth would I follow someone who is guaranteed to be constantly tweeting @’s to people i don’t care about? It would overload my general feed.