Hey, Where Did All The Eggo Waffles Go?

Kimberly’s life just isn’t the same. Something is missing. That something: Eggo waffles. She wants to know where they have gone, and whether they will ever return to her.

I was wondering if y’all knew what the hold up at the eggo plant is. I ran across the attached signs while at the grocery store the other night, then tried to follow up on the eggo website which linked me to an error page. What is the world without mass produced waffle goodness?

What, indeed?

Since Kimberly wrote in, Kellogg’s has fixed their site’s FAQ, and it now tells waffle seekers:

Several recent events have lead to supply issues for Eggo waffles. We want to apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you, our loyal consumers. We are working hard to return to business as usual as quickly as possible. Please be assured that Kellogg is committed to continuing to deliver the high-quality products that our customers and consumers know and trust.

What are those “recent events?” Well, there was September’s recall of a few thousand cases of Eggo waffles due to listeria contamination.

We checked with Kellogg’s to see if they can give us any updates on waffle production, and will pass on any information we get.

Contact Us/FAQs [Kellogg’s]


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  1. There's room to move as a fry cook says:

    I suspect an egg production shift for H1N1 incubation.

    • zigziggityzoo says:

      @IfThenElvis: And if that were the case, would local grocery stores be selling a dozen eggs for $.99 regularly, and on sale for as low as $.59?

      Eggs are the cheapest they’ve been in a long while.

      Not to mention that the local egg farm nearest to the kellogg plant here in Michigan currently produces 1.5 million eggs per day, and the one not 20 miles further away puts out somewhere along the lines of 700,000 eggs per day.

      Source: Me. I’ve worked on the egg farms and gone to the grocery store recently.

    • bowyers says:

      @IfThenElvis: Your suspicion is wrong. Influenza vax production requires embryonated chicken eggs, while eggs for consumption are unfertilized.

      • lincolnparadox says:

        @bowyers: Plus most vaccines are made in the UK. They can’t pay US pharm corps enough to make vaccines. They’re just not profitable.

    • TVarmy says:

      @IfThenElvis: Personally, I think the government is diverting the waffles to the CDC for forced flu inoculation. Children like waffles, and the H1N1 virus kills children. It’s not clear if the CDC wants to kill children, but they probably do. PUT TWO AND TWO TOGETHER, SHEEPLE!

    • tsdguy says:

      @IfThenElvis: I believe that most commercial users of eggs get them in a bulk pasteurized format. I’ve seen that most of this bulk egg comes from chicken eggs that are not suitable for consumer sales – they are misformed, dirty or otherwise not perfect for single egg sales.

      (I gets my edumacation from watching Dirty Jobs. Mike Rowe was at a factory chicken farm. Poor chickens)

  2. Dafrety says:

    I feel nothing for you unless you were looking for the minis.

  3. bball123h says:

    MMMMMmmmmmmm…… listeria……. *drool*

    That said, now I want some waffles.

  4. liz.lemonade says:

    Wow, I was just wondering about this barely an hour ago while at Publix. Same thing when I was at Kroger over the weekend. Publix had signs in the freezer case saying that they were currently trying to resolve distribution issues. The interesting part was that all of the Publix brand waffles were also gone — is it a widespread, inter-brand waffle catastrophe, or just people buying the store brand because Eggo is unavailable? I do suspect this is limited solely to waffles, because both stores still had plenty of the muffin tops and other Eggo products.

    (Yeah, I know Eggo is kinda awful, but they’re also great for sticking in the toaster and eating on the way to work.)

  5. Kimaroo - 100% Pure Natural Kitteh says:

    Has anyone suspected THE WAFFLER?!

  6. evilrobot says:

    found em.

  7. thewriteguy says:

    i’m trying to come up with a joke based on “let go my eggos” but nothing is turning up. :^[

  8. socalrob of the 24 and a half century says:

    I was wondering the same thing. I took a pic of this on my iphone sunday night. WTF waffle shortage? Really

  9. giantnegro says:

    I miss eggos, but since I’m still boycotting Kelloggs I can’t enjoy them even if they are available. Why did they have to go and drop Michael Phelps? I’m missing out on many of my favorite breakfast items!

  10. trujunglist says:

    i’m guessing they did another test of a batch and found massive listeria contamination or other contamination issues when investigating the listeria contamination. they might be retooling their plants to avoid these types of possibilities.

  11. ikimashokie says:

    There’s a shortage, they’re talking about it on their website.

    What irks me is that I emailed Kellogg’s to ask who was going to carry the Apple Cinnamon Eggos now that the only local store that carries them is closed, and they sent me a canned “there’s a waffle shortage” email. NOT WHAT I ASKED.

  12. Kuchen says:

    I just bought Eggos on Sunday and I don’t remember seeing a sign and the shelves were fully stocked. Maybe I live in a low Eggo-demand area.

  13. lehrdude says:

    There is a Waffle Shortage…

    Ergo, my Eggos are gone!

  14. greyb1 says:

    I think it is important to point out that (assuming there is one nearby) Trader Joe’s has DELICIOUS frozen waffles that are $2 for 8, as I recall. I especially enjoy the blueberry ones.

    Try these until Eggo returns. By the time Eggo returns, you might have switched your frozen waffle brand loyalty.

  15. icntdrv says:

    I thought it was weird that the store only had Buttermilk Eggos. I only buy the low fat whole wheat Eggos.

  16. LordofBacon says:

    Soon I shall corner the frozen waffle business..today frozen waffles! Tomorrow…the world!!!

  17. VA_White says:

    This could be the incentive you need to learn to make your own waffles that freeze and pop into the toaster just as easily as Eggos. As a bonus, you will also save eleventy billion dollars a year on waffles even after you subtract the cost of the waffle iron.

    • floraposte says:

      @VA_White: I’m besotted with homemade yeasted waffles. The day that I make the big batch to freeze and get to eat a ton fresh is pretty much party day.

      And if there’s listeria, then I make that myself at home too, so it’s better and cheaper listeria.

    • wrjohnston91283 says:


      I do this a lot too – you can do it with pancakes as well, but they “toast” as well days later. Still a good use for leftover pancake batter.

      My fiancee and I make our own bagels too – about 15 cents each.

    • webweazel says:

      @VA_White: People actually BUY frozen waffles? Always amazes me. A cheap wafflemaker and a few minutes of time, and there’ll be a freezerful of them on the cheap. Especially with the recipes floating around the net for different flavored ones and such.

    • catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

      i never liked eggos much and didn’t notice they were gone. they have such a dry texture
      my waffle iron lives on my counter all the time.
      also: brownie waffles

  18. Gracegottcha says:

    I got it………make your own waffles at home and freeze them! I do this, pop them in the toaster oven, and they come out great! Eggos are hard as hockey pucks.

  19. PhilFR says:

    Really? Is there really a difference between Eggos and all the other cardboard tasting frozen waffles?

    Disclaimer: I probably haven’t had an Eggo in 20+ years.

  20. tape says:

    huh. I noticed at the supermarket just 15 minutes ago that there were almost no frozen waffles, while everything else in frozen food was stocked to the gills.

    and here’s a Consumerist post about it when I get home. go figure.

  21. ElizabethD says:

    Their Nutrigrain wholegrain waffles are the only frozen waffles I will buy. They are really quite tasty.

  22. Batwaffel says:

    People actually eat those things? It’s simple to make your own and healthier as well. Those taste like cardboard. :P

  23. mbz32190 says:

    I noticed this at Wegmans…they had these signs up for about a month now and empty spaces, although I noticed today everything was restocked, so I guess they’re shipping more back out. (However, after purchasing a waffle maker I can’t stand eating the frozen kind anymore)

  24. Alexander says:

    You Consumerist people are losing your edge. It took about 31 posts before someone said to just make your own home-made waffles and freeze them. I’m sure it’s just a fluke.

  25. H3ion says:

    The artificial chickens that lay the artificial eggs that are used in Eggo products are staging a sympathy strike with the turkeys union.

  26. Scuba Steve says:

    I am surprised to hear this on the Consumerist. I NEED my Cinnamon Eggo Mini pull-aparts!

    No plate needed, no fork, no mess! They were good!

    There are no substitutes!

  27. gridman-srk says:

    I work at a grocery store and the overnight Frozen clerk told me that a nearby eggo plant had massive flood damage. Only buttermilk and homestyle until 2010 apparantley.

  28. almightytora says:

    I saw this sign at the local Ralph’s a few weeks ago, oddly with the shelves behind the sign full of Eggo waffles.

  29. GinaLouise says:

    HELP! This post gave me a misguided craving for Eggo waffles, but I have no toaster (single gal, tiny apartment, and I’m more of a french toast fan). Is there any other way to heat those bad boys up? Pop ’em under the broiler?

    • katia802 says:

      @GinaLouise: Having done without a toaster before, I know what a pain it can be. Either put them directly on the wire rack in the oven (turning at least once) or my preferred method, put em on a flat frying pan and toast em that way.

  30. coujo says:

    i was told by my grocery manager that Eggo had to shut down a few factories and that we would only get certain varieties in when ever they could fill them. which is about once a week we get about five cases total. two or three being the 10 count homestyle, maybe one case of buttermilk and the rest being the 16 or 24 count buttermilk/homestyle.

    for now, all i can tell customers is that Aunt Jemima and store brand will have to suffice. luckily both are on sale till the end of the year so not too many are complaining

  31. damageddude says:

    There’s been a shortage in my area for about 6-8 weeks. On the plus side, we finally broke our son’s addiction to Eggos French Toast Sticks.

  32. mhutt says:

    You may not find an eggo shortage to be a big deal, unless you have a 4 year old who loves them. She gets to have them once a week or so and is devastated that we bought the “wrong kind” of waffle. When you are 4 things like that matter.

  33. Leight says:

    (applauds Kids in the Hall reference)

  34. ToKeN2k6 says:

    My kid was addicted to the cinnamon toast waffles, not the toaster sticks, but the one w/ 4 mini toast pcs..this was quite a shock to us when I couldn’t go out and find them anymore! Since, we have tried almost every other waffle type out there and even mini pancakes. He still wants his cinnamon toast waffles, so this makes me sad!!

  35. Jfielder says:

    I think this is one of the only times I’ve ever used this type of statement correctly, but here it goes… I make my own waffles at home! Seriously though, making them at home is sooo cheap and easy. Not to mention delicious. Eggo’s don’t even taste like waffles to me…

  36. Jbjohn942 says:

    They’re creating a supply shortage to increase the prices. Genius!

  37. LVP says:

    Make your own.

  38. Ben Popken says:


  39. micmuk says:

    Chickens on strike????

  40. a_pink_poodle says:

    This is worse than the Slim Jim shortage of 2009