BPA Linked To Erectile Dysfunction

Here’s some bad news for people who like functional erections, Health.com says that a new study has linked erectile dysfunction to the controversial chemical BPA.

From Health.com:

Researchers compared the rates of sexual dysfunction in two groups of workers in China — 230 men who worked at factories that produce BPA or epoxy resin (which contains the chemical), and some 400 men, including workers in other industries, who were not exposed to abnormally high levels of BPA. Epoxy resin is used in the lining of canned foods and is another potential source of BPA in addition to hard, clear plastic.

The men who worked in the BPA and epoxy-resin factories were exposed to levels about 50 times higher than average.

The greater a worker’s exposure to BPA — which was measured using spot air and urine samples — the more likely he was to have sexual dysfunction. Yet the dysfunction was apparent even in workers who had worked in a BPA factory for one year or less.

Well, that’s troubling.

Study links BPA in plastics to erectile dysfunction [CNN]

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