Block Spam Callers From Your Blackberry With Call Control

You can always just not answer your phone, but if a telemarketer calling you on your Blackberry sends you into a rage, you might want to look at Call Control. The app relies on the telemarketer database at to screen out known spammers. The free version screens out the top 100 telemarketers; an $8 version uses the entire database and includes updates.

Call Control for Blackberry [EveryCall]


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  1. christoj879 says:

    You could always give them bogus info :)

  2. ecwis says:

    Does it block anonymous calls too? Every telemarketer that calls me on my cell phone is a scammer (since my number is on the Do Not Call List) so they obviously don’t allow their caller ID info show up…

  3. bohemian says:

    Without some way to block anon callers it is only half useful. Then again I don’t answer if I don’t know the number.

    Can’t we just ban ALL telemarketing?

  4. My keyboard has a typo key says:

    One program I use on my cell is called, Do Not Disturb. It is one of them pay apps on the Verizon app buy thing. I do believe it is also for Blackberry’s App world.
    I have it set up. To where if your not in my address book. You go straight to voice mail and I do not even hear a ring.

    It actually works rather well. At first I was not going to pay the unlimited use fee of $16.95 or so. Then I started to get pounded with telemarketing calls. So I figured it was well worth it. 500 numbers in the blocked list later. I am a happy cell user again.. When a call does get caught up and sent to voice mail. I just add it to my address book and it lets the call through next time.

    One of the interesting features of the application. Is I can set times when it sends all calls to voice mail.
    Not many apps for my phone I bought and been happy with. This is one of them.

  5. consumed says:

    Back in the day the telco’s had Caller ID With Name on landlines. They also had Anonymous Call Rejection so you could deny blocked/unknown callers from ever ringing your phone to begin with.

    Part of me thinks the telco’s are idiots for not giving us this feature on cell phones. They could easily charge people a buck a month to add the feature and make a buttload more money, at least for me that is worth paying a dollar a month for so I don’t have to put up with caller ID blocking cowards

    • brokebackwallet says:


      “buck a month”. Do not give those monstroties any ideas.

      Some phones do allow blocking callers with blocked (excuse the pun, or lack of it) number. I’ve posted this before but my E71 sure does get the cake. Blocked number will get a busy signal 24/7.

      Most smartphones can do that (blacklist/whitelist/only blocked), its just a matter of finding the software.

  6. chucklebuck says:

    If you have a Symbian S60 phone, Advanced Call Manager is a great app that does the same thing. Any anonymous call or number on one or more blacklists I set up gets nothing but a busy signal & my phone never rings – the call does show up in the call logs though if I’m curious to see how much they tried to reach me.

  7. magnumbi says:

    I recently got a Google Voice account that works great for screening out spammers/scammers. Whenever I get an anonymous call or a call from someone not in my address book it gives me the option to let the call go through or straight to voice mail. It also has the option to simply block the calls from going through in the first place.

  8. parrotuya says:

    Great options! Fortunately, I don’t have a problem with unwanted calls. But if I ever do, I know where to go!

    DOWn, baby, DOWn!