Best Buy Says Ian Can Keep His Free Xbox

Last month Best Buy gave Ian a free Xbox 360 due to a snafu while handling his extended warranty.

We polled readers, who by a 51-29 percent vote said he should keep the console. Ian, though, tried his darndest to get Best Buy to accept the 360, but Best Buy wouldn’t have it. He writes:

A seemingly agonizingly long time later (today), Alex from Best Buy Corporate Offices left a message on my home phone. I’ve written down the most important part.

“I contacted the regional office, and we can’t seem to find out where you got two. I guess at this point, you can just keep that, if you haven’t returned it to the store already.”

I, like approximately two thirds of consumerist readers who answered the poll, have no qualms about receiving a free Xbox from Best Buy. I was very surprised how many of the commenters (who were the minority) proclaimed me a morally corrupt human being for accepting the free Xbox I was offered. I would just like to point out how you really shouldn’t judge my entire moral fiber based on one action. I’m a guy who holds doors open for people and regularly gives to charity. At the end of the day, I get to keep the Xbox.

Cheers to Best Buy for handling its mistake like professionals and letting Ian off the hook— as the Cardinals refused to do for the Bears Sunday.

(Photo: tubbynj)