Bill Collector Accused Of Offering Debt Forgiveness For Sex

A Rent-A-Center employee near Detroit has allegedly found a new approach to helping consumers get out of debt: making their bills go away in exchange for sex.

They said he is an account representative for Rent-A-Center and went to the 21-year-old woman’s home Oct. 22 to discuss a delinquent account. During the discussion, he turned the conversation into a sexual nature, offering to make her bill go away in exchange for a sex act, police said.

Herron then exposed himself to her while taking her hand and placing on himself. The woman pulled away and Herron completed the sex act upon himself before leaving her home, police said.

In what universe is this a good idea? If the accusations are true, had he tried this same scheme on other women who simply didn’t report it to police?

Bill collector accused of demanding sex for debt relief [Detroit Free Press] (Thanks, Adam!)

(Photo: striatic)


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  1. hypnotik_jello says:

    “Rent-A-Center employee near Detroit” nuff said.

    • Duke_Newcombe-Making children and adults as fat as pigs says:

      @hypnotik_jello: How so?

      • Dawnrazor says:

        @Duke_Newcombe sees what you did there…: I think that was just intended to be another (unfunny) snarky comment to insult Detroit.

        Whatever, I’ve actually BEEN there recently, and while the city (and surrounding area) certainly has its problems, it IS progressing in the right direction with regards to crime as well as cleaning the place up. It IS much better off than I remember it being 10 years ago, and there is a real sense of pride in many of the long-time residents, which should keep the positive momentum going.

        The idiot referred to in the post could be located anywhere.

  2. zacox says:

    Although there is nothing whatsoever in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act about the legality of settling a debt in return for a sex act, I’m pretty sure the Wayne County, Michigan District Attorney will call it solicitation of prostitution and arrest him. (Not to mention that he completed his own sex act on her floor so that’s probably open lewdness, harassment and a couple of other things.)

    Lo and behold, I did find a couple of passages in the FDCPA law that might apply here:

    § 807. A debt collector may not use any false, deceptive, or misleading representation…[to collect a] debt.

    *Fairly certain he was guilty of this as soon as he pulled his pants down.*

    808. A debt collector may not use unfair or unconscionable means to collect or attempt to collect any debt.

    *She has to clean his proteins off her floor now. I call that unconscionable.*

  3. katstermonster says:

    How much power would this employee really have over her debt, anyway? He’s there to collect on it, and if she’s already late, I somehow doubt that he’d have the ability to make the debt go away altogether. I don’t know how their company works, but most usually won’t just forgive a debt altogether. Sooooo she’d give his guy an HJ and…maybe still owe money? Grody. So grody.

    • Pink Puppet says:

      @katstermonster: He could probably get it written off as a lost cause, but the manager would have to file a replevin to try to get the stuff back.

      So, yeah, extreme grodiness.

    • wasabipeas says:

      @katstermonster: I was wondering about the validity of that exchange, given that when you settle a debt, it’s in your best interest to get documentation saying that this agreement was reached, otherwise it just looks like you only paid part of it off.

      So wouldn’t he have to provide a written statement to the customer saying that her debt was resolved? Would it have to say how that debt was resolved? And wouldn’t the collector have to explain to Rent-a-Center corporate why the customer isn’t going to pay anything on her delinquent account now? I really doubt that RAC HQ has policy saying, “If the customer is insolvent, giving a Rent-A-Center field rep a BJ is acceptable.”

    • fusilier says:

      @katstermonster: I really doubt he had any plans to actually clear the debt.

  4. GitEmSteveDave_RockinLabCoat says:

    Why couldn’t my student loan people try this with me? But nooooo, they want money.

  5. laserjobs says:

    Is Rent-a-center hiring?

  6. chilled says:

    Wonder if he took the rented VCR when he left?

  7. polyeaster says:

    it’s more of a sexual assault…

  8. EdnaLegume says:

    here’s the part of the story I’m really bothered by: “Later, police said, Herron called the woman and again expressed an interest in exchanging a sex act for eliminating her debt to the company. She then reported the incident to police.”

    so she didn’t call police immediately after he left her house? Or while he was there? or the minute he showed up at her door to collect a debt? she didn’t call until AFTER he made a SECOND ATTEMPT to get sex in lieu of the debt?

    Please don’t think I’m blaming the victim here, she’s definitely a victim, but WTF? It took all that before she finally called police?

    • mythago says:

      @EdnaLegume: Well, let’s see. Call the police, get called a liar who had sex with him willingly and is now lying about it, have the debt collecter now REALLY mad (and in possession of her financial information)…..vs. just clean up and pretend it never happened?

      I’m genuinely glad things like this are so far removed from your own experience that you have never had to seriously weigh those options.

      • EdnaLegume says:

        @mythago: uh, she didn’t have sex with him. he assaulted her. you call the fricken police, regardless of whether you think they’ll believe you or not. why the hell would she lie about a debt collector forcing her to touch his penis? in the police eyes I mean?

        I’m genuinely glad you have no freaking clue what I’ve experienced.

        • mythago says:

          @EdnaLegume: Why the hell would she lie? “Officer, SHE came on to ME and offered to have sex with me if I would wipe out her debt. Naturally I would never do such a thing but she’s clearly angry that she has to pay her bill.” And really, DNA testing? In LA they have rape kits that haven’t been tested in YEARS. In a he-said-she-said accusation of “he asked me to touch his penis” a cop is going to scrape up alleged semen from her floor and run it right down to the lab? Maybe on CSI.

          Are you really saying you cannot possibly understand why this woman might decide not to call the cops?

          • EdnaLegume says:

            @mythago: considering I’d never accumulate a debt I can’t pay, I guess I cannot relate to this woman at all. For that I’m thankful.

    • pz says:

      @EdnaLegume: You’ve never been sexually assaulted.

      With sexual assault victims, the overwhelming shame of just being involved in the situation usually prevents them from ever reporting it. Seriously, this isn’t new — it’s been widely studied, over and over again.

      • EdnaLegume says:

        @pz: waiiiiittt… do you KNOW me? how in the WORLD would you know whether I have or haven’t been sexually assaulted. major leap of assumption there. not every sexual assault victim reacts the way you assume they do.

  9. bombaxstar says:

    (I’m not sure if this is true or not)

    But I had a buddy of mine tell me that when he came home from Iraq, his wife was sleeping with the Rent a Center guy to pay off the bill (in their house).

    So maybe they have the ability to wipe a debt like that? o_o

  10. crichton007 says:

    This is life imitating art: this was the plot of a CSI Miami episode a year or so ago.


  11. Radi0logy says:

    Getting rid of a debt for a HJ? That’s what I call a bargain.

  12. H3ion says:

    This sounds like a great way to pay off the national debt. Expect a delegation from China any day now.

    • bohemian says:

      @H3ion: The vision of wall street CEOs on their knees on wall street for the benefit of taxpayer repayment made me giggle. Yes, I have a sick mind.

  13. cmdrsass says:

    Dear Penthouse, You’ll never guess what happened …

  14. drjayphd says:

    If the act is what I think it is, and Texts From Last Night is to be believed… that’s actually legal tender if Chipotle is involved.

  15. savdavid says:

    He propositions her, she stands there. He exposes himself, she does nothing. He puts her hand on his privates, she finally pulls her hand away. Then she watches him complete the act on himself. OK. Even if this guy was very excited she would have had time to go get a Coke, stroll to the phone and call the cops. What the hell was she waiting for?

  16. FlashbackX01 says:

    He was thinking outside the box.

  17. nstonep says:

    PS–>It’s a trap!

    No really…if you don’t pay, sex isn’t going to reduce your obscene rent-a-center debt.

  18. RandomHookup says:

    It’s amazing. Sex can be exchanged for almost anything!

  19. Gadgetgirl says:

    If you build it (debt at RAC) they will come (debt collector)

  20. NancyCpants says:

    She must have been either completely gobsmacked or a very forgiving person to not call the police until the second time.

    If someone came to my home and tried that, he wouldn’t leave in one piece.

    • jrizos says:

      @NancyCpants: *rrrowwerrrrr*

    • TheSurlyOne says:

      @NancyCpants: If some piece of trash pervert tried something like this on any of the women in my family, he’d be leaving on a stretcher! And he’d be missing the ‘equipment’ needed to ever do it again…think “Lorena Bobbitt”! The only exception would be my mom, she has a gun and knows how to use it!

  21. _Rand_ says:

    It goes both ways from what I know.

    Used to know a guy who worked there (as a repo-man) and was offered sex in return for not repossessing stuff on multiple occasions.

    Apparently only by the scary ugly people, but hey.