Yesterday's T-Mobile Outage Affected 2 Million Users

Boy, T-Mo is on a roll lately. First they gave Perez Hilton fits by losing his Sidekick info, then, presumably in a misguided attempt to make up for it, they began showing boobs to one of our readers (they are still investigating), and now as an encore — a massive outage.

From the WSJ:

The outage began at 5:30 p.m. EST on Tuesday, and at around 1:30 a.m. EST on Wednesday morning, the carrier confirmed that service had been restored.

“We are now investigating the root cause of the incident,” said a T-Mobile spokesman.

The latest outage threatens to re-ignite concerns stoked by the SideKick incident, in which Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) accidentally lost personal SideKick data stored in its servers. The company and its SideKick unit, Danger, later restored some of the data, but took a lot of public criticism for the slip-up.

T-Mobile USA Says It Has Fixed Voice, Data Outages [WSJ]

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