Get DirecTV Executive Customer Service

If you’re having DirecTV issues, here’s two more top-level contacts for you to try:

Michael Johnson
Senior Director of Customer Service Communications

Donna Sadlouskos
Senior Manager Customer Satisfaction

You can also try them on Twitter
or emailing some upper-level DirecTV VP’s
or emailing or calling the CEO’s office.

Amusing sidenote, not just consumers, company employees are also using our contact info database to send their own gripes to the top of the totem pole. I was checking the comments on an old post with the DirecTV CEO’s number on it and there was a comment from a DirecTV tech who said he would be using the info to complain about his manager giving too much work to out-of-state techs.

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  1. jp7570 says:

    You do know that Chase Carey is no longer with DirecTV. He recently took a position with Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. as Deputy Chairman, President and Chief Operating Officer.

    He went over to the Dark Side.

  2. Maltboy wanders aimlessly through the Uncanny Valley says:

    I was able to settle an early termination fee dispute with DirecTV by using this information a while back. That was after I had been turned away by about a dozen other customer service reps.

    • gtsports says:

      @maltboy1: What was your issue? I fully acknowledge I have an ETF, but I’m sick of losing reception when it rains and U-Verse just moved into the neighborhood…

  3. ElizabethD says:

    Thanks for this info. We have DirecTV but so far no big issues or complaints. Still, “Be Prepared” has been my motto since Girl Scout days.

    Mentioning Girl Scouts always makes me want to post this. That’s me on the right, c. 1968. Oh yeah!

  4. Fabuloso says:

    If your in the metro Los Angeles or Orange County area in California and have a problem with the date that direct tv gives you or you have a problem with the tech chances are they were from CONNECT TELEVISION 310 539 3900 their address is 19335 S. Laurel Park Road Compton Ca 90220.

    they can sometimes help if you have problems related to the installation or repair of your system. if you have billing or programming problems you gotta call DTV 800 531 5000

  5. rinse says:

    I had the pleasure of calling the DirecTV executive office once. Instead of being helpful and fixing their mistake, the executive office person told me that I’m SOL because I’m talking to the highest office in the magical DirecTV kingdom, and he wasn’t going to do jack.

    They eventually caved when I refused to pay for their mistake.

    My favorite moment of the entirely too-long experience was when I suggested to the DirecTV customer advocacy person that most companies would honor an employee’s mistake and make sure the same mistake doesn’t happen again. She told me that DirecTV is not like other companies.

    Worst customer advocacy ever.

    The lesson is never believe anything a DirecTV representative tells you. S/he could be misinformed and costing you $$.

  6. Panamapeter says:

    I went to the chairman’s office. I had three trucks waiting when I got home

  7. Michael_B says:

    The information for Michael Johnson is not valid. The email bounces. The other is valid.