Microsoft Refunds Dog's Purchase, Gives Dog His Own Gamertag

Good news, Xbox 360 players! If you’ve got a shopaholic dog who buys Microsoft points as you sleep by chewing on your controller, Microsoft will give you a refund and even get your dog his own profile — at least if the story makes headlines.

A rep from Edelman, Microsoft’s PR company, wrote:

Wanted to follow up with you on your Consumerist story about a dog buying LIVE points (Man Wakes Up To Find Dog Went On XBOX Spending Spree)! It got back to Microsoft and they are taking action to correct the situation. People spend tens of billions of dollars on their pets every year, but it’s pretty unusual for your pet to return the favor! Luckily for Greg [redacted], Microsoft is refunding his LIVE points and providing extra for good measure. We also created a gamertag for his dog Oscar so that Oscar doesn’t feel left out anymore!

It’s still probably a good idea to set those parental controls if you’ve got your credit card info saved on your Xbox Live account.

(Photo: Kotaku)

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