Which Condom Holds The Most Air Before Exploding? (Video)

You might be be surprised how much air a condom can hold, or water (try 25 liters). But which holds the most before bursting to pieces? Our friend Theresa at Consumer Reports donned a lab coat and glasses to find out which brand of condoms came out on top in their durability tests.

If you this clip, you should also watch Theresa in this ShamWow test video.

For the full condom review and ratings, check out this article on ConsumerReportsHealth.org (subscription required).

Which condom, or contraceptive method, do you prefer?

How Consumer Reports Tests Condoms [Consumer Reports]


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  1. dohtem says:

    Ladies, don’t let this “test” fool you! These cursed things can still be too tight.


  2. Nick1693 says:

    I think the Consumerist writers should help with the jokes.

  3. Paladin_11 says:

    Oh Consumerist, do your innuendo-inducing comments have no limit?

    As for which condom came out on top, the answer is all of them. Since when have bottoms needed condoms?


  4. LetMeGetTheManager says:

    There is a joke about the person who has been ’employed’ to ‘inflate’ the balloons. Change the words in quotes, and you will get there…

  5. scorpionamongus says:

    I’m interested in the results, because I usually blast air like a gas station air hose after a good session with the girlfriend.

  6. subtlefrog says:

    Where I used to teach, we had freshmen college kids test condoms, too, to learn the scientific method. They’d smear some sort of lube (baby oil or KY or something good or bad) on one and nothing on a control and then come up with some test. You’d be *amazed* how much water the things will hold. And at the mess they make when they finally break.

    (Cue jokes…)

  7. remington870_20ga says:

    release it outside in a heavily populated public place and laugh

  8. Mischif says:

    Still not big enough for me.

    (Come on, nobody else went there?)

    • rocketbear79: threadkiller says:

      (Come on, nobody else went there?)

      I think you’ll find the average male consumerist reader to be more mature and beyond such boastfulness. A proper man uses innuendo and juxtaposition to show off his manliness, such as power tools, HEMI engines, and the color of our AMEX card (which is now angrily canceled, this is Consumerist after all).

  9. diasdiem says:

    What’s the point of that test? I’m not packing a bicycle pump down there.

  10. chocobo says:

    So… where are the results?

  11. Omali says:

    I don’t know what number four in the air test is, but I won’t be buying a brand that can’t offer that minimal protection.

  12. Willmeister says:

    Keeping them in your jeans will damage the condom entirely

  13. Eyebrows McGee (now with double the baby!) says:

    Why did the condom fly across the room?

    It got pissed off.

    Yes, funniest joke EVAH in about 6th grade.

  14. georgi55 says:

    ConsumerReportsHealth required additional $19 subscription evne though I’m alredy paying subscriber for ConsumerReports? What a BS. At lease give me access to like up to 5 articles or something.

    • dialing_wand says:


      Agreed. I was like, well I should go see just for the fun of it even though we’re actively trying to have something to put in a car seat.

      $19 more dollars? Should being a CR subscriber give us system-wide access?

      I am going to write to Consumerist about this. Oh wait…

  15. first man says:

    @jurisenpai: Despite my screen name, I’m a lady. And I like the feel of Trojans, but does anyone else think they smell REALLY funky? My faves are Lifestyles.

  16. orange20854 says:

    I’m all for linking Consumer Reports to this site, (especially since CR is the new owner), but if you’re going to publish a story about condom testing, its unfair to the reader to not publish the results!

    This is really just one huge advertisement for purchasing a subscription to Consumer Reports. Sort of like giving someone the first two hours of Titanic, and then charging them $14.95 to watch how it all ends. (Who wouldn’t throw down to see that?!)

    Throw us a bone, and tell us the rankings. Think of it as a “free trial” of CR.com.

  17. Chumas says:

    @mythago: I’ve been looking for data pertaining to polyisoprene, not polyurathane and cannot find relavant articles in the health area. My googlefu has failed for now. Hmm.

    I started using these under the guidance of a urologist due to a severe latex allergy. The charts he had were of comparable STD protection and breakage with latex.

  18. ExtraCelestial says:

    I’m a big fan of proper attire condoms. Partially because proceeds benefit Planned Parenthood but also because they come in different patterns and I’m a dork :oD.

    I think the bf prefers Crowns.

  19. pittpanther says:

    What does filling a condom with air (or water) have to do with “durability” testing?

    Shouldn’t they be rubbing the condom to see which one tears first?

  20. Brazell says:

    Well Theresa, if you ever want to put some of those lab studies to a real world test… let me know.