What Mobile Platform Do You Use?

Consumerist needs to get on your mobile device so bad it hurts. But first, we need to know which platform you use. Take our poll and tell us!



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  1. Kamidari says:

    I have an iPhone, but I don’t think it seems like you need any sort of device-specific app – just make a mobile-friendly version of your website.

    Really the existing site isn’t unusable on my phone, either, but it could be nicer.

    • Traveshamockery says:


      I have an iPhone, but I don’t think it seems like you need any sort of device-specific app – just make a mobile-friendly version of your website.

      This x 1000. Otherwise, you’ll just become another willing cog in Apple’s marketing machine, helping them increment towards 100k apps. ;)

    • Benny Gesserit says:

      @Kamidari: I use an Touch and avoid “mobile friendly” like the plague. The website works fine as-is in Safari.

      Now, if the mobile app had extra features???

  2. KyleOrton says:

    No Symbian option? I know it’s not cool right now, but you sure know how to make a guy feel marginalized.

  3. Alexander says:

    Just switched to an HTC Hero (Android) from an HTC Mogul (Windows Mobile). So far I’m very impressed and happy with Android

  4. WeAre138 says:

    A mobile app would be cool but this site works just fine from iPhone browser

  5. downwithmonstercable says:

    Blackberry ftw. Although I’d much rather have a Windows mobile.

  6. need2know says:

    Yes, an iPhone app would be perfect!

    • DaBull says:

      @need2know: agreed. I would visit Consumerist a lot more from my iPhone if it were an app that instantly showed me topics and made for an easy and proportional to read/comment.

  7. psm321 says:

    Funny, the very first time I ever check Consumerist on my phone and this is the top story.

  8. MartaMyrrha says:

    umm…how would I know ?

    I can read it on my phone. I have to see what the kitty cats are up to several times a day.

  9. 12-Inch Idongivafuck Sandwich says:

    iPhone now…but AnDroid in about a week!

  10. tmlfan81 says:

    I use Opera Mini on my Q9c, and rarely do I ever pull up the actual Consumerist site from my device. (I just glance at articles from Google Reader) It would be nice if there was a better mobile-centric site where I could join in discussions better, seeing as I have a competent hardware keyboard to churn out replies.

  11. Pibbs says:

    I’m down with the WinMo, and have been for a long time. I show up my iPhone buddies by turning my phone into a wireless hotspot on long car trips, and having them leech off me when the AT&T signal disappears.

  12. MostlyHarmless says:

    I have a Mortorola dumb phone. The Razr like ones. Useless when it comes to reading online content. Ergo I never use it. Just the way I like it.

  13. Joewithay says:

    I’m still suck in 2005 with a Nokia :(

  14. YellowDucati says:

    Droid all the way.

  15. brandmuffin says:

    Oh I wish I knew what a platform was, I think my Samsung Memoir probably has one. When I unlocked it to AT&T it turns out no one has figured out how to debrand its tmobil settings. My state of the art celly turned into a Fred Flintstone hunk of junk after I put my sim card in.

  16. pinecone99 says:

    I’ve been on Palm OS forever, with multiple unlocked GSM devices. Hey, it’s cheap and it works. No contract for me.

  17. SirWill says:

    If you make a version of the web site for mobile devices such as the iPhone it would work on several platforms. I happen to know that the Pre can use sites designed specifically for the iPhone. Of course the Pre can use the regular site too.

    Any mobile specific site should have a link that allows you to go to the full site.

  18. He says:

    Can’t you guys just check the logs for mobile browser user-agent strings?

  19. ElizabethD says:

    I’m on Obi-Wan’s platform.

    “R-4, Scramble code 5 to Coruscant, care of the Old Folk’s Home.”

  20. rickhamilton620 says:

    Windows Mobile FTW! Of course I can browse the main site great using IE 6 for mobile or Skyfire, but a app would be cool too. :D

  21. Applekid ┬──┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ) says:

    I just use the RSS reader on my Sony Ericsson T707. Works beautifully… when I have a burning need to apply some verbal diarrhea, I open the regular site with Opera Mini since the embedded browser is, well, horrible.

  22. Silversmok3 says:

    Nokia E71x running Symbian S60 FTW.

    Too bad that sentence is meaningless to almost everyone on this site.:(

  23. CompyPaq says:

    The Blackberry browser can’t do Javascript well so I can’t read comments on my BB. I will prob. be upgrading to an android phone soon though.

  24. kamel5547 says:

    I can only pick one eh? Blackberry and WinMo in reality.

  25. brokebackwallet says:

    How about a lightweight mobile site? m.consumerist.com, user-agent recognition and CSS with minimal graphics (no avatars, no ads & so on).

    I’ve got Safari on one device and native S60 browser on another. Both can handle the full site but can be slow sometimes.

  26. drayzel says:

    I use android… No need for a dedicated app to just access the site, just make a mobile friendly version of the site. However, an app that would tie business/products/websites/etc using either keywords/gps/BarCode(scanned from camera)/etc and search for articles on consumerist and reviews would pretty cool. Sort of like the many price checker apps, but with the Consumerist magic… maybe even a paid version that would tie into Consumer Reports? It would be pretty awesome if I could walk into a business and my phone would alert me to related articles (gps) or scan a product and get articles and consumer report data…

  27. emona says:

    Android here, but please don’t make a Marketplace app… I’d much rather have a mobile-friendly website than another %^$# app to find room for.

  28. soloudinhere says:

    iPhone now…Android on Friday!

  29. My keyboard has a typo key says:

    No option for a BREW based phone. Whick the site works well on. As does youtube and other script heavy sites.

    So no vote from me.

  30. Harlan says:

    I’m still using a PalmOS device, a less-than-one-year-old Palm Centro! Why isn’t PalmOS on your list? Admittedly, I’m likely to switch to either a WebOS or Android device in the next few months…

    • drunkenwildmage says:

      I agree..They need PalmOS on the list.

      Using a Palm Centro myself..Happy with the phone….No plans to switch anytime soon.

  31. t0ph says:

    Please don’t exclude the Pre and/or WebOS

  32. scootinger says:

    Pocket PC = Windows Mobile

  33. iConsumer says:

    You really need to revisit this in a month. Motorola’s new Android phones (CLIQ and DRIOD) are being released this week so today’s answers may not reflect tomorrow’s!

  34. MamaBug says:

    mine texts and dials numbers. it’s a samsung on sprint. i’m not cool enough to have a smartypants phone.

  35. LastError says:

    My phone is a Palm Centro which was not an option on the poll. So I voted for Pre since that’s the closest one.

  36. SaraFimm says:

    None of the above? I have a tracfone pos without internet because I’m a stay at home mom who has the internet up continually. So I guess I don’t need any apps for that.

  37. nonzenze says:

    Go to mobile.nytimes.com for an excellent example of mobile-friendliness.

  38. montusama says:

    I currently use windows mobile but as this is my 6th phone this year I’m looking to try another phone os.

  39. STrRedWolf says:

    iPhone, but if the CSS is styled like what A List Apart describes, it’ll work on any Android phone.

  40. AT203 says:

    PalmOS you insensitive clods.

  41. karlthepagan says:

    You didn’t list J2ME which most people might not recognize but it basically most everyone’s oldschool phone platform.

    Like my Motorola Z9 (aka Slidey-RAZR 2.0)

  42. BytheSea says:

    Where’s the choice for a samsung flip phone w/ no data plan that came free with enrollment?

  43. sakanagai says:

    Won’t vote since there is no option for multiple devices. I have an iPhone and a 3G MID running Windows XP (not even one of the choices).

  44. Red_Eye says:

    Oh wow, cool looks like by the stats another iphone app will be born and windows mobile will get the finger again. Neat.

  45. corinthos says:

    Android and blackberry. I do most of my browsing on the android though. Also have windows mobile TIlt 2 my work gave me. I barely use it at all though.

  46. mariospants says:

    blackberry, but I wish it had more storage space built-in.

  47. pot_roast says:

    I have an Android phone, but am pretty disappointed with it. :| So I just waste time on my desktop PC instead.

  48. BrandonSH says:

    I have a generic Vodafone 533 £30 phone.

  49. SnoopyFish says:

    Just do it like gizmodo or kotaku does it and you will be golden.